A Mystical Fantasy That Will Move You and Shake You!

Outview (The Inner Movement) [Kindle Edition]

OUTVIEW, the best selling first book of the Inner Movement trilogy – A mystical fantasy thriller.

There is a secret so powerful that, once known, the world will never be the same. For centuries they have died to protect it. Nate found it. They know he did. Across time and dimension they are after him . . .

Four years ago, his father died. Two years ago, Nate’s mother locked his brother in a mental institution. One year ago, horrific visions began to torture him. Now, a clandestine group, wielding overwhelming power, wants him silenced. Nate is only sixteen.

Nothing is what it appears and the tragedies of his life are all connected to the secret, a secret so unimaginable that it will decide whether our modern society becomes a utopian or dystopian world.

Nate embarks on a breathless quest to save his brother and unravel the mystery of their father’s death. His desperate flight takes a stunning turn when, along with three school friends, he encounters mystics who teach forgotten skills and lost wisdom and reveal an extraordinary destiny.

A fantasy thriller, set in present day Oregon and California, will appeal to more than young adult fans. Outview, the first book of the Inner Movement trilogy, combines mystics, metaphysical magic, psychics and reincarnation to push this new age conspiracy beyond the realm of the Celestine Prophecy and the Alchemist.

Read the Reviews
“Action packed and full of energy.”
– The Examiner
“A great fantasy thriller with a deeper magical meaning.”
– Dennis Waller TOP 500 REVIEWER
” . . . a well-written narrative of self-discovery and adventure.”
– Oleg Medvedkov TOP 500 REVIEWER
” . . . Disguised in the shape of fantasy and science fiction elements, in this novel I recognize many modern spiritual, esoteric and supernatural concepts . . . The trilogy has the potential of classics, such as the Celestine Prophecy . . . ”
– ChristophFischerBooks TOP 500 REVIEWER
” . . . young adults who like reading supernatural books may find a new favorite with Outview.”
– Ashland Daily Tidings
“Its existential themes and autobiographical tone make Legg’s series a meaningful fantasy adventure that readers would love.”

OUTIN (Inner Movement #2) is now available: amzn.to/1fhkzhN
OUTMOVE (Inner Movement #3) is now available: amzn.to/1eYXUKW