From Robert Thomas an Epic Fantasy of Adventure – White Staff


White Staff [Kindle Edition]

Robert Thomas , Donald Thomas

Locked away in his citadel prison for 300 years, Hafram has stumbled across an ally, the only person who has been able to accept his thoughts through the crude but powerful shield holding him prisoner. Knowing that his opportunities are dwindling and his magics are beginning to fade with age, he realizes he must protect his new charge at all costs. Weaving an intricate spell he gives Aethan a protector, a powerful mountain cat that draws its life force from his own. His task has begun anew and he vows that the shackles from Darthune shall be thrown from the throne of Euwold as the hunt for the White Staff begins again.

Tempus – takes the fight to the Wizards…who will survive?


MAGE BLOOD [Kindle Edition]

Janet Morris

Tempus and his Sacred Band of Stepsons prepare to take the Wizard War to the Mages of Wizardwall in this gripping story set “Beyond Sanctuary.” With Jihan the Froth daughter at his side, Tempus and the core of the Stepsons ride into the embattled town of Tyse, where they find friends and foes among the witches, wizards, and warfighters. From the first full length novel inspired by the Thieves’ World (R) series, “Mage Blood” takes you into unknown realms fraught with unimaginable peril.

Action Packed Thrill Ride!!!

Action Packed Thrill Ride!!!

Creedor (The Reglon Empire Series) [Kindle Edition]

(Book 1 of The Reglon Empire Series)

Dr. Simon Slogar and Commander Michael Camdus have been given the task of stopping an epidemic on Creedor. It is only after they arrive on the windswept planet that they discover there’s a much greater threat.

Creedorians are being snatched from their homes, leaving survivors to fend for themselves. One brave woman, Mara Tonlin, decides to find her husband and rescue him or die trying. Her story intertwines with the original mission, leading Camdus and his men into even greater danger.

Intruders, wizards, changelings, and a subspace particle Rider all intersect with Slogar, Camdus and his men in Creedor, the first book of the Reglon Empire Series.