Romance blossoms in this tell set in the old west. Liberty Belle … Gotta love her.

Romance blossoms in the tell set in the old west. Liberty Belle ... Gotta love her.

Liberty Belle [Kindle Edition]

Set in 1859 Denver, Liberty Belle is a story of finding freedom and forgiveness. A jilted bride, a wayward sheriff, a small boy, outlaws, and a gallows provide
plenty of action, romance, and hope.

Liberty Longstreet was left at the altar, but that wasn’t the worst of her day. She awakens to the fact that she needs to declare independence from her controlling mother. Wanting her freedom and to find a man of her choosing, Libby leaves home for faraway Denver. She just doesn’t count on being robbed, falling for a wayward sheriff, or being accused of murder.

Sheriff Wade Calder throws down his badge in a quest for revenge. Instead, he takes responsibility for his enemy’s young son. Wanting only to be free, Wade runs into Libby, and she wins what is left of his heart. Unfortunately, he has nothing to offer her until he picks up his badge. His honor is restored, but it may cost Libby her life.

Together they learn the cost of freedom and the wealth of forgiveness.

OK Pilgrim Listen Up…shot with no mercy!

OK Pilgrim Listen Up...shot with no mercy!

The Man From Newella II – The Soldier’s Tale [Kindle Edition]

The Man From Newella has left the town of Rocket, Florida, but we know he spent some time in the nearby soldier’s fort. In Episode II of The Man From Newella series, we finally get to see what happened while the Man was at that base.

Here are a few hints about what happened: It involved gun fights, the animated dead, and plenty of man-eating animals…

In this issue, like all issues of The Man From Newella, no punches are pulled. Enjoy your visceral romp through a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

This issue is a 17,454 word Novella.

Ride em’ hard, and put em’ away wet …adventures awaits you…well what are waiting for get moving.

Ride em' hard, and putt em' away wet ...adventures awaits you...well what are waiting for get moving.

The Condor’s Feather [Kindle Edition]

Intrigue and adventure combine with a touch of romance in this unconventional story set in 1885.

With her thirst for adventure, Cynthia Beresford refuses to be constrained by the standards demanded of her by aristocratic Victorian society. She not only rides like a man, but desires other privileges enjoyed by the gentlemen of her era. Searching for excitement, she forgoes the luxuries of life at Huntingley and embarks on a riding expedition across the Pampas of Patagonia.
Though little is known of that inhospitable land, she is undeterred and boards a steamer in Liverpool bound for South America. Accompanying her on the voyage are her father and twin brother, her brother’s friend – a playwright, and her faithful Newfoundland dogs.
On the outward passage, Thia meets a mysterious Welshman, Euan Davies and when the party disembarks from the steamer on the Strait of Magellan, Davies agrees to accompany them on the ride and act as their guide. But after only a week in the saddle, his disturbing secret starts to unravel. Soon Thia’s party find themselves embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a group of dangerous prison escapees.
Beset by Indians, inhospitable terrain, pampas winds and mountain lions, is it possible this mismatched group of travellers can survive their adventure at the tail end of the world?

“The Condor’s Feather is a tale of travel and adventure replete with the sorts of events those wonderful old films always feature – the strong silent cowboy, jail breaks, bad hombres who will stop at nothing and a hint of romance. Set within the beauty of a savage and untamed landscape.”