New Release from Cleve Sylcox , Bedeviled – The Traveler

Bedeviled the Traveler


In this short story, Nigel is an ex-sailor delivering supplies to a convent when he is caught in a storm and must take shelter in Draculas castle. Werewolves clash with Vampires and Nigel finds himself hopelessly entangled in a nightmare fearing for his life.

K. S. Haigwood is masterful in this Prequel to the “Moonrising” Series. A thrilling tale ripe for Halloween.



Accepting the Moon: Prequel (Moonrising Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

K. S. Haigwood , Ella Medler

There is a new Alpha Wolf in town, and she is about to change everything.
Mena had all she wanted in life: a nice house, money, a successful husband who treated her like a queen.
That was, until she found out her marriage was all a lie, and things she never thought could exist, did.
Vampires are real.
Werewolves are real.
And Mena is not human anymore.

When you get sick of arguing, it is only natural to kick some vampire and werewolf butt…Gotta read this..

When you get sick of arguing, it is only natural to kick some vampire and werewolf butt...Gotta read this..

Elena’s Choice (The Calnis Chronicles) [Kindle Edition]
J R C Salter (Author)

Sick of her parent’s constant arguments Rose looks forward to spending time with her friends fighting evil. Vampires, werewolves, witches, she’s faced them all. But soon a stranger walks into her life, handsome and heroic; a demon with glowing eyes of fire terrifies her and her friends; and a prophecy speaks of the imminent arrival of Satan’s Emissary. All this threatens to upset her world and make her question what is good, and what is evil.

This Weeks Featured Book…To Date a Werewolf by Molly Pendleton….Zombies and Werewolfs out on Date Don’t you dare bring her back late…Love it!

Zombies and Werewolfs out on Date Don't you dare bring her back late...Love it!

To Date a Werewolf (Werewolf Kisses, Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

Maggie’s young, flirty and extra curvy, but she has a teensy-weensy problem. She’s a zombie. Costly manicures and wigs won’t always hide the fact that she’s decomposing at an increasingly rapid rate, either. She needs a cure. Like now. And a werewolf’s true-love kiss is the only solution. The trouble? Getting a first date, when zombies are werewolves’ sworn enemies.

Paranormal Romantic Comedies by Molly Snow:

The BESWITCHED series:
Book 1: BeSwitched (FREE on Amazon!)
Book 2: BeSwitched Witch
Book 3: Royally BeSwitched
Book 4: BeSwitched in Time

Book 1: To Kiss a Werewolf
Book 2: To Date a Werewolf

Head Over Halo

Chick Lit Mysteries by Molly Snow, under pen-name Claire Kane:

Book 1: The Riddles of Hillgate
Book 2: Cruise to Murder
Book 3: Hexes and X’s
Book 4: Legend of the Lost (coming soon!)
Book 5: A Grave Situation (coming soon!)

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The Bitten


I was born in the ghetto of the British Common Wealth. Dwelt in trash, ate brown banana peels, and fought rats for plate scrapings. Rain was my only source of water. Thank God it rained daily. I learned to run before I could walk. That was how we lived, survive or die. Became a sailor I did and sailed the oceans. Then I lost me leg, and discovered the truth about them, those demons of the dark who dwell in the blackness. I killed to live, and now I live to kill.

The bright ball of fire in the sky brings me warmth and hope. Those who pursued me stay below and I stay here out in the open. They will not come out in the direct daylight, nor will they track me until nightfall. Then, they will come. Oh, they will come alright…I keep on fighting, because once bitten you change. And the change makes you one of them.

With staff in hand, I go.

With hope and fire in my heart, I fight,

With desire to live, I stand.

If you want to survive, hear this, listen and learn my friend, read the stories within these covers and you to will live to tell the tale of your own. If ye fail to read we shall never meet again. Once you are bitten, you are gone. My name is Nigel Drake, and my story is in there too. The Traveler I was, and now I’m the hunted.

Bitten … an anthology of Vampire and Werewolf stories by thirty outstanding authors … launching soon.


If your looking for a book with everything…here it is!

If your looking for a book with it is!

Defender’s Blood Alex’s Destiny (An Urban Fantasy) [Kindle Edition]

Alex has no idea her life is about to change beyond her wildest imaginings. She is the last in a long line of very special females born for a dangerous task, and she isn’t sure she is up to it. Zach, her vampire protector, is just as sure she is.

Demon attacks, angels and even the ultimate, divine intervention, shake Alex to her very core. Can she do this? Can Zach keep her safe? The alternative is unthinkable: demons once more ruling the earth.

Zach has to ensure that Alex puts a stop to this – and quickly!

Read Defender’s Blood, Alex’s Destiny – Book 1 in the Defender’s series.