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PANDORA [Kindle Edition]

Rebecca Hamilton , Riley J. Ford , Rainy Kaye , Apryl Baker , Carole Lanham , Thomas Sullivan , Conner Kressley , Laura Howard , Noree Cosper , Louise Caiola , Samantha LaFantasie , DelSheree Gladden , Angela Fristoe , Kelly Anne Blount , Peter Dawes , Susan Stec, Rachel Walter , Heather Kenealy , Steven Katriel ,Christi Goddard , vampire

Available until October 5th!
Only four weeks left to get the set before it’s gone forever!

Whether you love paranormal in the form of romance, suspense, mystery, horror, or fantasy, this boxed set will have something to entice your preternatural sensibilities. Supernaturally thrilling and engaging, this boxed set has it all: ghosts, vampires, mind-readers, shape-shifters, demons, faeries, werewolves, and more.

For a limited time, you can enjoy books from today’s New York Times, USA Today, Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestselling authors and many more. We have everything from titles that are slated for the big screen to stories from Pulitzer Prize and Bram Stoker Award Nominees! When purchased separately, these books cost over $50! But they are yours today for less than $1.

Professionally formatted, no cliffhangers, and no short stories. Every selection in this rare, limited edition paranormal boxed set are full-length novels and novellas! A few are “First in Series,” but we carefully selected only those which can still be enjoyed as a standalone!

Riley J Ford, NY Times & USA Today Bestseller:

Winter knows exactly what her friends are thinking, but there’s a catch…Rebecca Hamilton, Amazon Bestselling & Film-Optioned Novelist:

Ophelia’s initiationwon’t be complete until she kills the man she loves.Apryl Baker, Amazon Bestselling & Film-Optioned Novelist:

Bones breaking and muscles tearing haunt Alexandria Reed.Carole Lanham, Amazon Bestselling Author & Bram Stoker Award Nominee: CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE
“There are monsters in this world. Sometimes I have fallen victim to them and sometimes I have been one.”

Thomas Sullivan, Pulitzer Prize Nominee:

An adventurer searching for links in a colossal subterranean network finds a dangerous churchyard where he encounters strange magic.Rainy Kaye, Amazon Bestselling Author:

A reluctant genie criminal unravels the mystery of the paranormal bond controlling him.Conner Kressley, Amazon Bestselling Author:

Cresta thinks everything is the end of the world. She might be right.Laura Howard, Amazon Bestselling Author:

THE FORGOTTEN ONESNoree Cosper, B.R.A.G. Medallion:

Madness spreading like a virus and a revenge that’s waited for over 500 years.Louise Caiola, Amazon Bestselling Author:

Some said Truly was born with a gift. Others, a curse. But it was the very thing meant to save her life. If it didn’t kill her first.Susan Stec, Amazon Bestselling Author:

Toni’s grandmother is a psychopath. Her sister is a ghost. Her boyfriendis possessed. And she has no idea who she is.Kelly Anne Blount, Amazon Bestselling Author:

The traumatic kidnapping ofAbriana Vega, a Hispanic college student.Christi Goddard, Amazon Bestselling Author:

When a smart-ass magicalcreature invades Kathleen’s life, a boy she hates turns up dead and her mother goes missing.Steven Katriel, Amazon Bestselling Author:

When Helena vanishes from his life, Gabriel journeys to the man responsible for her disappearance.DelSheree Gladden, Amazon Bestselling Author:

Being invisible won’t hide Mason for long.Angela Fristoe, TheNextBigWriter 2010 Strongest Start Romance Winner: LIE TO ME

Heather Kenealy, MTV’s “Stan Lee presents the Seekers” winner:

THE TRAITORS’ TRILOGYPeter Dawes, BBF Reader’s Choice Award:


Samantha LaFantasie: MADE TO FORGET



When you get sick of arguing, it is only natural to kick some vampire and werewolf butt…Gotta read this..

When you get sick of arguing, it is only natural to kick some vampire and werewolf butt...Gotta read this..

Elena’s Choice (The Calnis Chronicles) [Kindle Edition]
J R C Salter (Author)

Sick of her parent’s constant arguments Rose looks forward to spending time with her friends fighting evil. Vampires, werewolves, witches, she’s faced them all. But soon a stranger walks into her life, handsome and heroic; a demon with glowing eyes of fire terrifies her and her friends; and a prophecy speaks of the imminent arrival of Satan’s Emissary. All this threatens to upset her world and make her question what is good, and what is evil.

Vampire Warriors Riding Dragons…Gotta Read This!

Vampire Warriors Riding Dragons...Gotta Read This!

Katania (including Kathos – short story) (Voxian New Generation) [Kindle Edition]
Ruth Watson-Morris (Author)

Bright – Young – Superheroes.
A world of Dark Fantasy for those who enjoy difference!
Vampire warriors of virtue who ride dragons, save the multiverse from those who are evil, tantalising, sword bearing beautiful human type creatures and their angel King ‘Kathos’ will be there in times of trouble to rescue all species from harm.
Katania – a world that will change forever, a Demon who can kill with a kiss, a world of beauty is destroyed. Nytshade is here, can anyone defeat such evil?
Kathos – where the Voxian’s met Kathos, the world of Galaxia and the journey to Vox.

In the night you will hear, the screaming but no ones near, All around you it will be, Then at last you will see…

In the night you will hear, the screaming but no ones near, All around you it will be, Then at last you will see...

Bites: Ten Tales of Vampires (Ten Tales Fantasy & Horror Stories) [Kindle Edition]

Do you like the traditional, blood-sucking, dangerous type of vampire? Then this story collection is for you.

Ten authors have created creepy, chilling, funny, thought-provoking and scary stories about dark suckers.

Are vampires to be pitied for their vulnerabilities, or envied for their powers? How do we know who is a vampire? How do we know what vampires want from us? What if they are expressions of our own forbidden desires?

What if the victims give their blood willingly, in return for a boon? What if they drain from their victims not blood, but something more precious – their courage, their faith, their ability to love?

Is what they offer a fair exchange for what they take? Do you yearn for thrills, for immortality, for everlasting youth? Would you be willing to pay for this with your blood, your life, your soul?

Ten authors probe these questions in their tales. Each story in this book explores a different concept of vampires, a different question, a different danger. To reflect the authors’ individual voices, you will find both American and British words and spellings in this book.

See which story resonates most with you. Enjoy the tales – but be warned: these vampires are dangerous.

1. TANGLED DREAMS by Liv Rancourt
Sometimes it’s safer to leave history’s secrets alone.
2. REALITY BITES! by Jim Bernheimer
Vampires have problems just like the rest of us.
3. NIGHT TRAIN by Rayne Hall
The train is about to enter a tunnel – and vampires are on board.
4. WINTER FLOWER by Jonathan Broughton
Dark desires unfurl where shadows thrive.
5. IT’S IN YOUR BLOOD by Pamela Turner
Be careful when accepting an invitation.
6. THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN by Debbie Christiana
When you help someone, it may come back to bite you.
What if you’re one moment too late to protect a victim?
8. THE DHAMPIR’S KISS by Carole Ann Moleti
Can any vow survive immortal life?
9. EXILE by April Grey
Death could be just the beginning.
10. WHY I WON’T READ SONG OF SOLOMON by Douglas Kolacki
A vampire may feed off a victim without leaving bite marks on the neck.

Some of these stories have been previously published in magazines and e-zines.

This story collection is part of the ‘Ten Tales’ series of anthologies, edited by Rayne Hall.

The Bitten


I was born in the ghetto of the British Common Wealth. Dwelt in trash, ate brown banana peels, and fought rats for plate scrapings. Rain was my only source of water. Thank God it rained daily. I learned to run before I could walk. That was how we lived, survive or die. Became a sailor I did and sailed the oceans. Then I lost me leg, and discovered the truth about them, those demons of the dark who dwell in the blackness. I killed to live, and now I live to kill.

The bright ball of fire in the sky brings me warmth and hope. Those who pursued me stay below and I stay here out in the open. They will not come out in the direct daylight, nor will they track me until nightfall. Then, they will come. Oh, they will come alright…I keep on fighting, because once bitten you change. And the change makes you one of them.

With staff in hand, I go.

With hope and fire in my heart, I fight,

With desire to live, I stand.

If you want to survive, hear this, listen and learn my friend, read the stories within these covers and you to will live to tell the tale of your own. If ye fail to read we shall never meet again. Once you are bitten, you are gone. My name is Nigel Drake, and my story is in there too. The Traveler I was, and now I’m the hunted.

Bitten … an anthology of Vampire and Werewolf stories by thirty outstanding authors … launching soon.


Here is a collection of short stories for you this Saturday night…Boo!

Here is a collection of short stories for you this Saturday night...Boo!

Monsters,Ghost & Zombies: Volume II [Kindle Edition]
New author Mark Rich, presents the second installment of the Monsters,Ghost & Zombies series.All new modern horror stories.

A Werewolf In The Hood
Crack House Zombies
Drug Ship
Haunted Mine