On Sale This Week – Blood Crow by Cleve Sylcox only .99 Cents


Many of you are saying, It’s about time! Well, good things come to those who wait…Blood Crow, the dynamite novel by legend Cleve Sylcox is on sale for one week only and then it will return to it’s normal price of 3.99.  I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on it. Click here and get yours today for only .99 Cents.

As Confederate and Union forces clash in and around the Missouri community of St. Charles, Constance McAdams fights a war of her own. Her mind has been fractured, her heart ravaged, and her soul nearly torn from its very existence. Her husband, Gavin, threatened by a corrupt sheriff and judge, is the binding that holds her together. With a blessing from an old Choctaw woman as her only weapon, she spirals into a maddening world of crows and spirits as she fights the forces pressing in around her.

Remember, this sale only last until 7/31 then it is history.

The faith the drives a champion!

The faith the drives a champion!

Intentional Walk: An Inside Look at the Faith That Drives the St. Louis Cardinals [Kindle Edition]

An inside look at the faith that guides the all-stars.

The St.
Louis Cardinals have long been one of the most successful franchises in the
major leagues. They have won 11 World Series titles and some of the most famous
players in the history of the game have worn the storied “Birds on the Bat”

While that
on-field success has been well documented, Intentional
Walk is the first book which goes beyond the story of what happens on the
field to take an in-depth look at the men inside the Cardinal uniforms, and
examine how their strong Christian faith is one of the driving forces behind
their success.

Intentional Walk features the stories of Adam
Wainwright, David Freese, Lance Berkman, Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran, Jason
Motte and other members of the 2012 Cardinals, written as those players and the
rest of the team tried to repeat the 2011 world championship. The book talks
about how they became Christians and offers their testimony about what it means
for them to have God play such a prominent role in their lives.

Playing for
first-year manager Mike Matheny, a strong Christian as well, these men talk
about their success and failure, about the challenges that come from playing
baseball at the highest level, and how thankful and blessed they are to have
that God-given ability. In the end, however, what is far more important to them
is their life-long relationship they have established with Jesus Christ.

1890’s St. Louis, Voodoo, Black Magic, and Detective Mac O’ Hara…gotta love the Irish!

1890's St. Louis, Voodoo, Black Magic, and Detective Mac O' Hara...gotta love the Irish!

A Season of Revenge (The Mound City Serial murder File) [Kindle Edition]

Retired Detective Mac O’Hara returns to the St. Louis Police Department to help solve a murder, only to find out there are four bodies and about to be more. The evidence points to implications of voodoo and black magic. But, the investigation takes on a new light, when Mac’s wife is kidnapped. Set in 1890’s St. Louis, where serial murder, revenge, and the occult, all add mystery and intrigue to the Mound City Serial Murder File.

Zoning in with Music…or not.

moving dots

This pic has noting to do with this post…I just thought it was cool.

A lot’s been said lately about writing styles and writing techniques. But what isn’t talked a lot about is the writing Zone. This is a place all writers go, whether organized or not.  It is when the writer, craftsman, artist, or whomever is totally focused on the piece at hand. The Zone is the place in which the workman/woman focuses. Some Baseball announcers refer to the Zone in players who are performing well as Locked In. 

For a painter who is standing in Detroit, but focused on a street in Paris, the Zone is the Paris street. They are there on the Paris Street looking at every nuance around them. For a writer in St. Louis, the zone maybe a battle field on the Planet Zutar. Once in that zone a writer does not want distraction. They are concentrating hard on what they are experiencing. At the same time they are typing away trying to convey in words their experience. A zone is where all writers and people of creativity want to be.

Organization, or the lack there of, is essential in Zoning in. I mean really, your work area is where you spend your time writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s two hours a day or twelve hours a day, it is where you allow your self the time to express your creativity. With that said I scoot the piles of trash aside to find my mouse and that doughnut from last week.

Organization in whatever form you keep is essential. My wife keeps things in piles all over the house. But if you ask her where something is she will walk directly to the pile and pull out the paper, document, whatever, it is simply amazing. I use to ask her to find things I had no use for just to watch her do it. On the other hand I like things stacked, organized in groups, details outlined and so on. But if you ask me where something is I have to search for the specific folder or drawer and ask myself why I filed it that way. Then when I’m done with it I file it some other place. Such is my air head system. No wonder it takes so long to write a book or to get into the Zone.

Now, once you have organization and you are ready write…and here is the main question, music or no music? If music, what kind? Load or soft?

If you option for the no music environment, do you wear headphones to cancel distractions, or do you have the wear-with-all to withstand the outside noises?

I know some writers who can write no matter what, on a bus, on a train, or on a crowed New York subway. Nothing deters them and they can simply go into their writing Zone no matter the distraction.

Then there are those who need absolute quite…shhhh. These creative people distract easily and need totally focus to be in their Zone.

Then there are those like me…a little background noise is all right. Even if my wife is walking through the house or if the TV is on in another room…no problem. My zone is easily accessible, but I cannot get in the zone other than my work place. I’ve tried the subways, the trains, and planes…nope can’t do it. I do listen to music. I write late at night so I put on my noise canceling headphones, and put on something mellow, Pink Floyd, to Bach…smooth blues, or anything calming…nothing racy. Then its show time and I slip into my world…the Zone. If that doesn’t work I ask my wife to find something in her filing system and watch…amazing, it really is.

So how do you slip into your zone and is there music…leave a comment and let me know, I’m curious.