Excellent, Spell Binding Romance…with a cat. Love it!

Going Home With A Cat And A Ghost (A Cat and A Ghost Series) [Kindle Edition]

In this mystery-romance, Judy Howard ( who shares her name with the author) drives alone on a journey into her past, encountering the ghosts of her teenage years when she was drugged, raped, and had an illegal abortion.
She discovers the ruins of Rt. 66 as she travels alone in her motorhome with her cat Sportster and a life-sized, stuffed doll named Cowboy Jack. Will she also discover who was responsible for raping her forty years ago? Will her attacker pay for his crime four decades later? And will she find the love she lost 40 years ago?
As a widowed baby boomer, Judy Howard approaches her tortured past, her old high school crush, and her 40th high school reunion. She reaches out for what seems impossible. Will she find justice… and love?

Hear that? My stomach is growling…I Can’t Wait To Dig Into This!!!

Hear that? My stomach is growling...I Can't Wait To Dig Into This!!!

Miss Terry’s Kitchen [Kindle Edition]

Fulltime RVer Terry Russell has been delighting readers of the Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper for years with her popular recipe column. Now she has assembled nearly 300 of the most popular recipes in one easy to use cookbook that is perfect for both your home and RV kitchen. Here you will find everything from quick snacks to main dishes, breads, and desserts that will make you the hit at your next campground potluck dinner or family gathering.