The rich get richer, unless somebody steps in and stops the madness, Looking for a great read…here it is.

The rich get richer, unless somebody steps in and stops madness, Looking for a great it is.

Black Oil, Red Blood [Kindle Edition]

The thing about cancer is it’s hard to prove somebody gave it to you on purpose—but Chloe Taylor can prove it. In fact, she proves it for a living. She sues oil refineries that would rather save a buck than comply with safety regulations designed to do important things like, you know, keep people alive.

Chloe had a successful career until circumstances forced her to move to the bass-ackwards town of Kettle, Texas (human population: 4,000; gun population: 34,356). Big Oil industry giant PetroPlex employs half of Kettle’s population, and there’s no question the judge in the town’s got oil stains on his hands. It’s no wonder she’s been on a losing streak lately. She suspects she’s been litigating on an uneven playing field, but when her star expert witness turns up dead less than 48 hours before a make-or break hearing, she knows.

What she doesn’t know is the key piece of information that got her expert killed. It turns out PetroPlex is harboring a shocking secret—one that has the potential to skyrocket gasoline prices, spark an energy market meltdown, and trigger riots, chaos, death, and destruction on a global scale. Chloe must discover the secret and expose the villains before she is permanently silenced, all while juggling a troublesome ex-fiancé and a tantalizing new flame along the way.

A home run king in trouble? Time to break out some coffee…I’m not putting this down until I’ve turned the last page…

A home run king in trouble? Time to break out some coffee...I'm not putting this down until I've turned the last page...

Hallways in the Night: A Legal Thriller [Kindle Edition]

From Bookstory: “A totally unputdownable book……An edge of the seat legal battle that makes you keep turning the pages until the very end.”

A legal thriller that Diane Donovan of the Midwest Book Reviews describes as “a tightly wound story of suspense and intrigue that will keep even seasoned mystery and legal thrillers guessing to the end.”


When an Atlanta cop tries to arrest baseball’s home run king, one of them will end up on trial and the other will end up dead.

A routine stakeout is almost over when Atlanta Detective Dave Mackno decides to pursue a speeding Porsche. It’s a decision that will have deadly consequences because the Porsche is driven by Remo Centrella, baseball’s home run king.

There is no way Centrella is going to let himself get arrested. Not when the woman in his car has a fresh black eye. And not when he’s at the tail-end of a steroid cycle that makes him feel like the baddest dude on the planet.

Hallways in the Night offers a fast-paced plot that keeps the pages turning. It’s a legal thriller that features a mix of engaging characters, backroom political dealing, and well-written action.

The book starts off strong and never lets up: from the initial confrontation through a courtroom showdown in which the stakes are much too high for anybody to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

“A good book with all the elements necessary to make it an enjoyable and satisfying read.”



Hallways in the Night is a legal thriller, but it is also much more. It is a novel with plot twists that surprise and will keep you guessing as you read the story. As each character joins the story, the novel widens out and becomes more complex.

Each character in Hallways in the Night helps add complexity to the novel because each character is pursuing their own agenda, usually at the expense of others. There’s enough money, power, and consequences at stake that each character is impacted by it and it influences not only the choices they make, but also forces them to decide how much of the truth they are willing to tell and how much of the truth must be sacrificed in order to either maintain the life they have or to achieve a life they desire. As a result, two of the most powerful emotions fear andambition have as much to do, if not more, with the outcome than the actual truth of what happened.

In addition to being a legal thriller, Hallways in the Night is also a story about race and power. It’s a story about how those with power wield it, often with little regards for those who will be negatively impacted by it and how they, themselves, are impacted by it.

Race relations also play a role in Hallways in the Night, but in a way that shows how race relations in America have evolved over time and how that evolution affects the lives of those living when it takes place.

“Hallways in the Night is a recommended book for readers who enjoy a combination of plot twists, action, and engaging characters.”