I whom do I trust


In whom I do trust.


I wake up to your beauty,

I see a magnificent world,

You are the stone of plenty,

In you, our lives unfurl,


I raise my hands to you in praise,

I knell to your power and grace,

You gave your all on Calvary,

To you I give my praise,


There is nothing I can give you,

There is nothing in you to forgive,

You are holy and righteous lord,

By you my soul does live,


Fear does flee from me,

Strength of armies in me abound,

Although old and fat I fight for you,

And make this land holy ground.


Who can stand against you,

What power fights your rule,

Sin it is all around me,

I hold tight to you my jewel,


You are a precious emerald,

You are a solid rock,

You are the gift of life,

In whom I do trust.



Sleep Time Dreams


Dreaming, I was told once that dreams are nothing more than my subconscious expressing abstractly what my heart desires…I guess my heart is desiring a murder, witches, warlocks, goblins, ghouls, fairies, dwarfs, giants, dragons, wizards, and a small man named Waldo. Not to mention money, sex, and a beautiful woman named Roxanne.

In many ways, what I was told is true, but then again not. We do dream about things we desire, but more often, we dream of things totally unrelated to our daily lives. I wake up from a dream and try to write it down and retain some miniscule part of it. However, it soon fades. Occasionally I will have a dream that affects me deeply. Those dreams linger long enough for me to write them in detail. Like most dreams, they are confusing, very abstract with no meanings on the surface.

What do dreams mean? Got me. Perhaps they are nothing more than entertainment. If you are religious, it might be God’s way of communicating to you. Also, maybe dreams are not meant for our interpretation. Maybe they require an oracle.

According to the Bible, Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar dreams. Then again, John had dreams an angel interpreted for him.

Mystics, palm readers, soothsayers, all try to tell us what our dreams are, but no one can really tell.

As for me I hope I continue to dream…I am an old man, and in the later days old men will dream dreams, and young men will have visions. So I dream, and if God wants me to understand the dreams then he will make them known, if not they will remain abstract entertainment while I sleep.

I’ve Seen

I’ve seen the heavens close their doors,
I’ve watched in silence as greed took more,
I’ve turned away from life somehow,
No longer caring for the now.
In this silent vacuum I found,
An alien of sorts making funny sounds,
He sits so pompously,
I almost forgot he was me.
I’ve seen the heavens close their doors,
I’ve watched in silence as greed took more,
I’ve turned away from life somehow,
No longer caring for the now.
Then there was a rush of wind,
Nothing like it before or then,
It came from a voice that I heard,
Behind a pulpit perching the word.
I’ve seen the heavens close their doors,
I’ve watched in silence as greed took more,
I’ve turned away from life somehow,
No longer caring for the now.
I sat and listened all day long,
To the man and his songs,
He did not preach the word of God,
Only wanted my money that is odd,
I’ve seen the heavens close their doors,
I’ve watched in silence as greed took more,
I’ve turned away from life somehow,
No longer caring for the now.
So a wrote the preacher a little note,
I placed it in the basket and put on my coat,
It said I’ll give you some tomorrow,
You make feel so full of sorrow.
I’ve seen the heavens close their doors,
I’ve watched in silence as greed took more,
I’ve turned away from life today,
No longer caring in bed I’ll stay.

An ancient battle of Good against Evil, Angels against Demons…

An ancient battle of Good against Evil, Angels against Demons...

Nicboth: The Journey Begins [Kindle Edition]
Cleve Sylcox (Author), Elizabeth Mackey (Illustrator)

Imagine a mountain where Angels go to rest.
It is in another dimension hidden from human eyes, accessible only by divine guidance. Now, imagine demons fighting demons, fallen angels seeking to regain their former glory by returning to God, but stopped by demonic forces beyond their control. Add in the human element of curiosity, greed, and lust for power and you have, Nicboth – The Journey Begins.

Four humans stumble upon an old chest in an abandoned ammo dump. In it rest the secrets of the past, forsaken, but not forgotten. Two more humans, half way around the world, seek to unravel a mystery to a mountain where angels dwell. Their paths interlock as they strike out against a demon – General Que, whose strength is only matched by his desire to destroy all human life.

Spin Tingling Excitement, Read It To Believe it….

Spin Tingling  Excitement, Read It To Believe it....

The Preacher [Kindle Edition]

“In a dark new age, a hero emerges.”
The Preacher
In a near-Apocalyptic future, preacher Jacob Cross has a calling on his life that would make the strongest man tremble — defeat the most horrendous creatures hell can produce… and battle them constantly. Victory is assured only if he can locate the three partners promised to him in a vision. Heroes, demons, God and Man — in the end, blood will be shed, and if Jacob and his friends have their way, the devil will be bound forever.



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