Debut novel…Horror like no other. You won’t sleep after reading this.

Debut novel...Horror like no other. You won't sleep after reading this.

Samhane [Kindle Edition]

“Russell’s debut novel SAMHANE really packs a punch. A thrill ride of visceral horror and suspense that steadily builds to a very satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed the hell out of it!”
Gord Rollo, Author of Valley of The Scarecrow and The Jigsaw Man

“My oh my does it get wet within these pages, dear friends.” Shroud Magazine.

“Horror lovers rejoice–you’re about to be scared…or scarred. Russell’s well-crafted nightmares will haunt you long after you’ve closed the pages of Samhane!” Fran Friel, Bram Stoker Finalist, author of Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales

“If you enjoy the odd Richard Laymon outing and don’t believe that horror begins and ends with Stephen King than dial in, Daniel I. Russell serves up a blood soaked treat for your consumption.” Scaryminds

“For weeks, I have tossed and turned in my bed in turmoil over whether to publish this. But the people of this town must be warned. Everyone must be aware of the danger lurking in the dark, waiting.”

Samhane. Just a sleepy town in the rolling hills of northern England. A nice place to live.

Few people know the truth.

Donald Patterson travels to Samhane in pursuit of a sadistic murderer and rapist. Unless Donald reaches Orchard House by midnight, his fiancee will be the star of the next torturous broadcast….

Brian Rathbone and his son are already in Samhane, hired by the mayor. Specialist exterminators, their talents have helped to deal with the ‘little problems’ that have begun to massacre the residents. But as events take a more sinister turn, Brian wonders about the true reason they are there….

Blood and carnage. Pain and suffering. Desire and sweet chaos.

Welcome to Samhane.

From desert sands to the streets of New York… What A Thrill Ride!

From desert sands to the streets of New York... What A Thrill Ride!

Yellowcake (The Trihedral of Chaos Trilogy) [Kindle Edition]

This last installment of the trilogy finds Steve and Diane back in the States for the holidays visiting family in Florida and Maryland. However twin brothers born and raised in the United States, disillusioned with our way of life, are recruited by al-Qaida. From the sands of Iraq to the streets of New York this domestic terror cell dispatches suicide bombers to wreak havoc and chaos. Steve this time volunteers to help find and stop a suicide bomber from changing a New Year’s Eve celebration in a major city to a death zone.

Mutants, Randers, Soldiers…Gabriel has his hands full…will he survive?

Mutants, Randers, Soldiers...Gabriel has his hands full...will he survive?

The Untold Mystery Of The Phoenix

In a land that was once the home of a very advanced people called the Chalri, now is the home of chaos, death, dis-pare, and more pressing War. A people that was once so advanced they’re now scraping to survive the harsh land around them. They now try to fight a war against the very enemy that destroyed their entire culture, an enemy that keeps them from going back to their former glory, and that enemy is the Mutants. Now In this land of destruction and chaos is a silent cry for change, a cry for someone to break away from the beliefs of an ancient Prophecy, a cry for someone to take a stand and create the change they need. In a small village called Chalro that cry will be heard. As a young man by the name of Gabriel faces many different challenges on the way. He doesn’t just face the Mutant threat but also what the land has to offer such as, Randers, Rogue Soldiers, and vicious animals, Among other personal battles as well. With his friends at his side He will face his greatest struggles, with them by his side He will face what He is destined to be, not just a leader but much more then what he ever thought.

Inheritance Of A Very Special Kind …Do not read this by yourself!

Inheritance Of A Very Special Kind ...Do not read this by yourself!

The Strange Days of Eddie Crow [Kindle Edition]


As a private investigator and former policeman, Eddie Shannon is used to dealing with the darker side of human existence, but when he is bequeathed a fortune from, Alexander Crow, a dead grandfather he never knew about. Eddie learns he is not who he thought he was. He was born Eddie Crow, the hunter in the night, the last one alive to defend against the old ones, devils and demons, who dwell in the eldritch dark of the crawling chaos, and want to invade our world. He has to come to terms with who and what he is, because a thrall of the old ones has been disturbed at an archaeological dig and wants to feed. As he learns what it means to be the last hunter, Eddie soon discovers life can be very dark indeed.

A new kind of hero…Or one as old as time.

A Dragon Books supernatural horror.