See ya when you come home…

As the wind blows east,

I watch the sunrise,

As the wind blows east,

I humble with pride,

It is his duty calling,

Taking him on a plane,

Leaving land of birth,

To the shores so far away,

Is not battle going,

Guarding just the same,

Protecting our interest,

Soldiering is not a game,

As the wind blows east,

I watch my son rise,

As the wind blows east,

My chest fills with pride,


War…a different century, a different country, a different purpose.

War...a different century, a different country, a different purpose.

Outlaw Platoon: Heroes, Renegades, Infidels, and the Brotherhood of War in Afghanistan [Kindle Edition]
Sean Parnell (Author), John Bruning (Author)

A riveting story of American fighting men, Outlaw Platoon is Lieutenant Sean Parnell’s stunning personal account of the legendary U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division’s heroic stand in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Acclaimed for its vivid, poignant, and honest recreation of sixteen brutal months of nearly continuous battle in the deadly Hindu Kesh, Outlaw Platoon is a Band of Brothers or We Were Soldiers Once and Young for the early 21st century—an action-packed, highly emotional true story of enormous sacrifice and bravery.

A magnificent account of heroes, renegades, infidels, and brothers, it stands with Sebastian Junger’s War as one of the most important books to yet emerge from the heat, smoke, and fire of America’s War in Afghanistan.