It’s when the wind blows,
A promise of tomorrow,
Warm air and sunshine,
Wash away the sorrow.

Life in full blossom,
Flowers in their dress,
Birds sing their songs,
Bugs crawl out of nest.

Winters dreary,
Coldness gone,
Snow stops falling,
Days grow long.

Spring abounds,
In full splendor,
Casting a spell,
Washing away the cinders.

Laying in green grass,
Staring at warm blue skies,
Hoping the season,
Is not a disguise.

About Me

Sad-ManAbout Me
Cleve Sylcox

I can’t and I won’t,
But that has nothing to do with you.

I can and I will,
But it has everything to do with you.

Life in a peach,
The pit in the middle.

Stubborn arrogance,
A cat playing a fiddle.

Nothing and everything,
Can you see the between?

Life is no more certain,
Death we have seen.

Carry on the wind,
The travesty of thought.

Lay my head down,
Your cold icy wrought.

Take it from me,
Give it back.

Love in the heart,
It’s what I lack.

My world isn’t,
But yet it is.

About me but you.

Love and Other Things

Senior couple enjoy the sunset together

When I first saw you
© 2015 Cleve Sylcox

You know the story well,
I’ve told you more than once,
How, at the church luau,
You turned me into a dunce.

I always felt intelligent,
Not brilliant but a little smart,
When my eyes fell upon you,
My brain fell apart.

You stood by a table,
Talking with a group,
Then you came and talked me,
And my mind did a loop,

Whenever you are near,
I can’t think at all sometimes
I get all goose bumped,
I’m in Love…is that a crime?

Even after Twenty-five years,
Words get lost in your eyes,
You still have that spell on me,
On this I cannot deny,

So, take my hand, If you will,
And follow me, Up the golden hill,

There I can see deep in your eyes,
The moment I became alive…

I Love you dear.

Should you edit your own work?

I think it’s great for authors to multi-task. Sure, write, edit, design, and create your own book covers. It’s lots of fun for sure. But, should an author edit their own work?

I mean, and don’t get me wrong, a writer should read over and edit to the best of their ability, but don’t publish it until an unbiased eye looks it over. Make sure those who read it love to read your genre. Don’t give a horror story to someone who reads romance and hates the sight of blood.

According to Stephen King you should give your manuscript to at least ten people to read and then listen to them with an open mind. Take to heart what they tell you.


An author will look over some critical points. They don’t see mistakes clearly and will overlook key points in the story, spelling, and word usage.

A trained independent eye will see them.

If you wear too many hats you will look like a genius unless one is crocked.