Blood Crow

raven bird ominous design
Blood Crow
By Cleve Sylcox

On a heap,
Of twisted death,
A crow sits,
All bloody and wet.

From his beak,
Red threads hang,
Black pearl eyes,
A cawing he sang.

You men of,
North and South,
Kill each other,
There’s no doubt.

I feed my children,
With your remains,
On the rocks lay,
Your blood and vain.

Into the night,
And into the day,
The crow kept cawing,
All along the way.

Battles fought,
On bloody fields,
Soldiers came,
Refusing to yield.

Land was raped,
Young woman folk too,
Some fought back,
Families were few.

In a swamp,
A legend was born,
On her back,
Wedding gown torn.

Blood lusting soldiers,
With nothing to gain,
Found death and destruction,
Deep merciless pain.

In the end,
What good was done,
Men all died,
No one had won.

It’s just you…


How is it that I feel,
Like a new man,
What’s the deal?

I see things totally new,
When I’m with you,
Nothings blue,

I look and behold,
A crazy man
I am told,

So, what did you do,
Cast a spell,
Drug me with,
Your alluring smells,

Or is it you’re just you,
A beautiful person,
Giving me life anew.



The hope of the day ,
Comes with the dawn

Giving us,
Light to see,
Giving us.
light to be.

A new beginning,
That is seldom used,
To many yesterdays,
Not forgotten and abused.

We seek a life,
Without all the strife,
But you hold on too,
…All that’s blue.

Open your heart,
If you’re smart,
Let it all go,
Cast them like the snow.

Free yourself,
Of the old,
Look toward the dawn,

I See

Love heart shape. Amour concept

In the morning hours I see,
My love next to me,
Her hair soft and light,
Her eyes loving and bright.

With lips full and lush,
She kisses me.

In the evening hours I see,
My love next to me,
Her hand I hold dear,
My heart has no fear,

With lips full and lush,
She kisses me.

In the midnight hours I see,
My love next to me,
She dreams in quite slumber,
I smile in awe and wonder.

With love and thankfulness,
I kiss her.