New Release – Cold Water by Steven Hammond



Cold Water [Kindle Edition]

Steven Hammond

Felton C. Wank views himself as lord and master of his squalid apartment which he shares with a transient woman named Alice. He suffers from delusions of grandeur, extreme social anxiety, and is obsessively proud of the size of his testicles. As he attempts to take his afternoon bath an unwanted knock falls upon his door and Felton’s world is turned upside down. Disclaimer: This story contains coarse language, adult themes, and mild violence.

SCI-FI/Fantasy Author of the Week – Gary Starta



GaryStarta is a former journalist who studied English and Journalism at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.His love for science fiction compelled him to write his first novel What Are You Made Of? published in 2006. Inspired by Isaac Asimov, the science fiction novel focuses on intelligent artificial life and whether sentient androids should possess the same rights as humans. The androids in Starta’s novel are created as hybrids – part machine, part human – further blurring the line between human and machine. Starta foresees a near future where humans will be forced to decide if intelligent machinery is indeed a life form. Possibly, in this near future, some humans will possess computer enhancements to overcome disabilities becoming hybrids themselves. The line between biological life form and mechanical life form continues to be examined in 2010’s Gods of the Machines.

Demon Inhibitions along with its preceding Caitlin Diggs (series) novels, Extreme Liquidation and Blood Web are reminiscent of the The X-files television/movie series. Contemporary authors Laurell K. Hamilton, Rachel Caine, Jim Butcher and Kelly Armstrong also fuel his aspiration to create paranormal suspense.

Starta’s crime novella ‘ Murder By Association’ blends mystery with forensic investigation. It is a departure from previous books because it contains no science fiction or paranormal elements. Its follow up is 2012’s Kindred Killers. Additionally, Starta foresees his 2008 novella ‘ Alzabreah’s Garden ‘ – a fantasy romance – as another out-of-the-box effort.

New Release – Eternal Illusion (Eternal Island Book 3) K. S. Haigwood , and Ella Medler

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Eternal Illusion (Eternal Island Book 3) [Kindle Edition]

K. S. Haigwood , Ella Medler

Eternal Island weaves its magical enchantments into every one of its people’s hearts. No one, human or immortal, is immune to the fiery touch of love, But trouble begins to brew anew when, with the last arrival, a malignant entity also makes it onto the island. Seeking to settle an old score first, he relies on dark magic in his pursuit to rule the world.
Manipulative and possessing qualities that make him hard to identify, let alone defeat, he can only be sensed by one person. Katrista’s dreams hold the key, but will anyone believe her, or will they allow an illusion to destroy them all?

This weeks featured book – Yokai by Rebecca Weinstein



Yokai [Kindle Edition]

Rebecca Weinstein

From R. Weinstein, author of paranormal bestseller, Seraphim

Fresh Young Adult Fiction


Become immersed in the folklore, legends, and myths of ancient Japan in this new paranormal romance from bestselling author R. Weinstein. </center>/

Sixteen-year-old Kit Maguire has never met her mother, made lasting friendships, or had a permanent home, and she’s always known that she was a little different from others. When Kit and her father move to Kyoto, Japan, her father insists that this time will be better, but Kit is reluctant to give it a try. The kids in Kyoto seem to be the same as everywhere else: judging her for her looks before they get to know her. She figures it’s just one more short stop that she won’t make friends, so why bother?

With the appearance of her thought-to-be-dead mother, Kit yearns to find out more about her mom, their family, and why she has the ability to conjure green fire. When a girl named Yoriko insists on becoming friends and two of the hottest guys in school vie for her attention, things get complicated. Kit learns just who she is and what she’s capable of, but with that knowledge comes the realization that she may never be able to have a relationship with Riku; as their clans are bitter enemies. Kit hopes that their love will bring the clans together and that she’ll get everything she’s ever wanted: family, friends, and a place to call home.

This Weeks Featured Author – Beck Bee (Rebecca Weinstein)



Rebecca Weinstein lives by the beach in central New Jersey with her daughter and adorable yet mischievious Jackchi, Hiro. When she isn’t writing, she can be found painting, cooking, or at her day job: teacher, moderator, and coach.

More about Weinstein and her work can be found at:


Murder In Elysium (The Full First Chapter)

George you old goat, Great Writing!

George Wier

Sunrise in a thick deep dark forest with fog in autumn

I wasn’t there that cool March night in 1977, but it plays like a movie sometimes in my dreams.

A man is walking up the outside steps that lead to Apartments 2B and 2D, but the one he

wants is the first one: 2B. He wants in there. He wants in there so badly it burns him. It burns in

his ears and in his eyes and gutters against the outside cold in the darkest hollow of his chest.

One of the bulbs is burnt out on the landing, so anyone looking this direction from Austin

Avenue or from the open Intramural Field on campus sees a whole load of nothing. Nothing but

blackness in the inkwell shadows here. But this man, this man here is at home in the shadows.

The faint sound of his footfalls are close and loud in his pulsing ears. He feels every bump in…

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White Lace

White Lace
©Cleve Sylcox

Snow falls on windowpane,
Fire roars in its place,
But my love is far away,
Adorned in white lace.

I wait for her restlessly,
With empty arms I cry,
I long to be near her,
As I pass the day by and by.

I dream of her sleeping,
In a white lace night-gown,
Her head on soft pillows,
While I wear a salty frown.

She will be home soon,
This I pray,
Because I cannot wait,
Yet another day.