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Tales from the Village Green: Collected Tales, Volume 1 brings together the first five of Michael White’s well-loved cricket stories, stories of friendship, heroism, and fierce battles on the cricket pitch.

Included in this collection:

“Never Give Up”: After another poor performance, John is dropped from Welmsworth Seconds, and at 61 years old thinks his career in village cricket might be over for good. Then he gets one last chance to prove himself.

“The Substitute”: Mewteth Seconds are one player short for the game that could decide which team goes up and which team goes down from Cornish League Seven East. Mewteth’s captain has found a substitute player, but only if Trevor, the captain of Ramswell Seconds, agrees. The guy has an unusual name, but what does it matter? He’s never played cricket before.

“The Twelfth Man”: Kevin Green is his school cricket team’s perennial twelfth man. On the unlikely occasions that he gets to play, he bats eleven, doesn’t bowl, and fields at fine leg. Then one day, his form teacher, Mr. Woodhouse, asks him to play a real game – for Highfield’s men’s team. Kevin finally has a chance to prove he can play, but will he end up as hero or zero?

“Searching for W.G.”: Jimmy Wentworth is known as a stonewaller and has no chance of making the team for the Twenty20 Knockout Cup final. That is until he receives a mysterious message, and begins to grow a rather famous beard.

“Grandad’s Old Bat”: Kenny is looking forward to trying out for his school team. What he’s not looking forward to is using his grandad’s tatty old bat. Used during his grandad’s only first class century, Kenny isn’t convinced that if he uses the bat special things could happen.

©2013 Michael White (P)2014 Phillip J Mather

Book Signing Event – Rurals and Townies


Louis Launer

Saturday July 26th

Frenchtown Heritage Museum

1121 N 2nd St, St. Charles, Missouri 63301
 Book signing and book presentation of Rurals and Townies, a young adult novel by L.J. Launer set in St. Charles, Missouri, particularly the historic Frenchtown neighborhood, the north end of St. Charles and eastern St. Charles County. This is his first novel. Copies of the novel are available on Guests who already have copies are invited to bring them in to be signed by the author. Wine and cheese will also be available. Meet the author as well as the history of Frenchtown at the museum.
Blanchette High School Cheerleader Molly Warner’s best friend and captain of the cheerleading squad is poisoned. At odds with her politically career-minded state representative mother, Molly does not heed her Mother’s advice and the advice of her other friends. She seeks the truth in the attempted murder of her best friend and is willing to put even her own beliefs on the line.

Magic Anyone?



The Amazing Morse [Kindle Edition]

James Rozoff

When Dave Morse was young, magic meant everything to him. But as he grew up, the magic seemed to slip away from his life. Until a chance encounter with a spiritualist changed all that. Then there was magic again, magic and mystery…and terror. Now Dave is just praying it will end.

A novel of psychological horror by James Rozoff.

Want to learn an easy way to write a novel? Whether you are a novice or already published several books here is a way to stream line your process and make your stories really, “Pop!”



How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method [Kindle Edition]

Randy Ingermanson

A Magical Key to Unlock Your Creative Wizard

Are you writing a novel, but having trouble getting your first draft written? You’ve heard of “outlining,” but that sounds too rigid for you. You’ve heard of “organic writing,” but that seems a bit squishy to you.

Take a look at the wildly popular Snowflake Method—a battle-tested series of ten steps that jump-start your creativity and help you quickly map out your story. All around the world, novelists are using the Snowflake Method right now to ignite their imaginations and get their first drafts down on paper.

In this book, you’ll follow the story of a fictitious novelist as she learns to tap into the amazing power of the Snowflake Method. Almost magically, she finds her story growing from a simple idea into a deep and powerful novel. And she finds her novel changing her—turning her into a stronger, more courageous person.

Zany, Over the Top, and Just Plain Fun

How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method is a “business parable”—a how-to guide written in story form. It’s zany. It’s over the top. It’s just plain fun. Most important, it’s effective, because it shows you, rather than telling you.

You’ll learn by example how to grow your story idea into a sizzling first draft.

You’ll discover:


    • How to define your “target audience” the right way, so you know exactly how your ideal readers think and feel. Forget what the experts tell you about “demographics.”


    • How to create a dynamite selling tool that will instantly tell people whether they’ll love your story or hate it. And you want them to either love it or hate it.


    • How to get inside the skin of every one of your characters—even your villain. Especially your villain.


    • How to find a deep, emotively powerful theme for your story. Do you know the one best point in your novel to unveil your theme—when your reader is most eager to hear it?


    • How to know when to backtrack, and why backtracking is essential to writing great fiction.


    • How to fire-test each scene to guarantee it’ll be high-impact—before you write it.



Featured Book Of The Week, Hexes and X’s.



Hexes and X’s (Z&C Mysteries, #3) [Kindle Edition]

Zoey Kane Claire Kane 

An invitation to a dead pirate’s two-hundred-year-old mansion. A decrepit finger bone tied to a map of hidden passages, supposedly leading to bloody pearls. A legal fight over who owns the estate, and its hidden treasure—the tenacious town council, the mischievous Matilda Dread, or the kooky Coven House Witches? And booby-traps galore.

What are Zoey and her daughter Claire getting themselves into now? Thank goodness there’s a handsome deputy, Riley Jones, and an endearing redneck named Slobber, to help them along the way.

Featured Author Of The Week – Molly Snow (Claire Kane)


Molly Snow is a Top 10 Idaho Fiction Author, awarded by The Idaho Book Extravaganza. Her works include quirky teen romances “BeSwitched” and “Head Over Halo.” Also a speaker on writing, her school assemblies have been featured in The Contra Costa Times and The Brentwood Press. Snow is married to her high school crush, has a set of silly twin boys and a bobtail cat named Meow-Meow.

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Author Molly Snow also writing under Claire Kane.


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