Great Philosophical Questions We Will Never Have An Answer For

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There’s a spat brewing between some theoretical physicists and philosophers of science recently, and NPR’s Adam Frank has all the details. It started when one philosopher of science, David Albert, questioned the notion that the universe came “from nothing,” as the title of Laurence Krauss’ new book claims. This quickly escalated into a debate over whether philosophy of science was even a worthwhile endeavor, or just a distraction from the hard, nuts-and-bolts work of figuring out the nature of the universe.

All my life and most of my adult life I have questioned EVERYTHING I am told, everything I was taught as a kid to what the media try and tell me. Well I came up with a list (With the help of the Internet) that suited what I need to know or the questions I want answers for. This is just for fun but in reality we are dealing…

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