A collection of short stories perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon…

A collection of short stories perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon...

Laments: Short Stories [Kindle Edition]
Michael Embry (Author), Joan McKinney (Editor)

Sometimes best intentions become laments over time. A coach uses harsh discipline on a sensitive player he wants to become a leader. A father wants his son to learn responsibility so he suggests he join the military. A mother hesitates to help her daughter because of moral issues. A friend tries to protect a widow from harm’s way. These stories and more delve into actions that don’t always turn out as planned.

New From Billy Kring…be prepared not to leave your seat for awhile…this page turner has your name written all over it…Love it!

New From Billy Kring...be prepared not to leave your seat for awhile...this page turner has your name written all over it...Love it!

Baca: A Ronny Baca Mystery [Kindle Edition]
Billy Kring (Author)

When L.A. Private Investigator Ronny Baca takes the case to find A-List actor Bob Landman, he thinks, How hard can it be? The answer is: Very. Ronny and his partner, Hondo Wells immediately have confrontations with the Russian Mafia. An odd trail of clues leads them to a famous Russian painter, undocumented aliens, Indian caves, and golden artifacts, all of which get them closer to Landman and deeper into trouble. Bodies start appearing and the pressure increases, but they push ahead because Ronny knows that Landman’s life balances on the edge of a razor – and time is running out.

it’s a wonderful time of time of the year to graduate, and kill zombies…who could want more? Great read…

it's a wonderful time of time of the year to graduate, and kill zombies...who could want more? Great read...

Time of Death: Induction [Kindle Edition]
Shana Festa (Author)

When no one or nowhere is safe, where do you go to escape the monsters?

In a few short days, 37 year old Emma Rossi’s hard work will finally pay off. She will don her cap and gown and graduate with a degree in nursing, but not before she loses her first patient and is confronted with a new reality. In Cape Coral, Florida, a storm approaches. The dead are coming back to life.

And they’re hungry.

Infection ravages the Eastern Seaboard with alarming speed while attempts to contain the spread of infection fail. Within days, a small pocket of panicked survivors are all that remain of civilization. Fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse alongside her husband Jake and their dog Daphne, Emma comes face-to-face with her worst nightmare.

Relying on snarky wit and sheer determination, she is forced to commit atrocious acts to protect her family and avoid joining the ranks of the undead.
Editorial Reviews
“A must read. Time of Death: Induction is the Zombie Apocalypse at its best. Scary, scary stuff.”

“Shana Festa’s debut novel is disturbing. She breathed creative life into the zombie genre. With three-dimensional characters and a compelling plot, Time of Death: Induction is a book you will read fast, but remember forever. Job well-done!”

“The characters feel genuine, and you can’t help but get involved with them. That’s the strength of this book, and like any good zombie, all I want is more!”

“Readers will find Shana Festa’s work original, poignant, funny, gory, heartbreaking, and above all else totally satisfying. Time of Death showcases a strong new voice in dystopian fiction that will leave you hungry for more.”

“Shana Festa delivers an outstanding old school zombie tale that will keep you up late and remind you why you love this genre.”

“I enjoyed this fast paced debut novel by Shana Festa. The gripping and unique nature of the book kept me turning the pages, and you’ll have a hard time putting down.”

“Festa has created a masterpiece in which the reader completely immerses and doesn’t come up for air until the very end. The ending is brutal and holds absolutely nothing back, you will be begging for the follow up to ToD: Induction in no time.”

Humans make a last stand against Hell…

Humans make a last stand against Hell...

Spark (Hellfire Trilogy) [Kindle Edition]
Karyn Pearson (Author)

For centuries, the powers of Heaven and Hell have been at war, locked in a perpetual stalemate. Fifty years ago, the war spilled out on Earth and the last modern age of man ended. Humanity now finds itself at the brink of annihilation, barely surviving in small pockets of civilization scattered across the globe. But even in the direst of circumstances, the human spirit lives on.

Now, in this post-apocalypse, humanity has but one choice: resist or die. In order to combat the forces of Hell, man has learned to fight, training from their youth to hunt the demons that threaten their very existence.

Twenty-five years ago, a demon hunter dared rise against an ancient demon family, the Saligia—the Seven Deadly Sins—and was cursed for her defiance. The curse appeared in the guise of an innocent: the huntress’s own daughter, Ardentia, who had been born with a demon soul attached to her own.

In the present day, Ardentia, now grown, seeks to free her mother from her curse by hunting down the demons responsible. But the road ahead will be difficult now that the demon within her has awakened. Trusting him is dangerous, especially when he can turn on her at a moment’s notice. Others have warned her that succumbing to the demon will be her own downfall.

Now Ardentia must decide what she’s willing to lose: her mother’s freedom or herself.

Maximum Overdrive filled with an electrical cowboy…oh man, Must read.

Maximum Overdrive filled with an electrical cowboy...oh man, Must read.

Cowboy Ending (Overdrive) [Kindle Edition]
Adam Knight (Author)

Women are disappearing in the City of Winnipeg, the police are at their wits end, the media is in an uproar and Joe is struggling to pay his bills as a Nightclub Bouncer.

After a violent night at the club Joe’s past and present collide and he begins to notice strange things happening in the world around him. Electrical devices react to his presence in a supernatural way.

As Joe tries to understand this changes in his life, he recognizes one of the missing women from his nightclub and is compelled to learn everything he can about her disappearance. Along the way he uncovers evidence of corruption, betrayal and eventually murder.

Can Joe balance his need to learn the truth against the responsibilities he has to his family? Will the strange things happening to his body and surroundings help him find a way in the world or will he burn out the longer he spends living his life in Overdrive?

“Cowboy Ending” is the first book in the “Overdrive” series. Set in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is an Urban Fantasy tale including violence, adult language and graphic imagery inspired by the works of Jim Butcher and Lee Child.

This is the first novel by the author.