Need a good laugh, a good chuckle…read this…Michael Meyer is Brilliant!

Need a good laugh, a good this...Michael Meyer is Brilliant!

The Famous Union: (Contemporary Humorous Fiction) [Kindle Edition]

CONTEMPORARY/HUMOROUS FICTION COLLECTION BOOK ONE – A ROLLICKING ROMP THROUGH THE HALLS OF ACADEMIA – THE FAMOUS UNION has readers saying that it has “flashes of Vonnegut,” that it is “an academic version of Catch 22,” that it “is a hoot!” and that it is “one of few books that has made me laugh out loud.”

Famous Union is a pretty little college with expensive fountains, cute coeds, and brand new artificial turf on the football field. It seems like the perfect place to work, but not all is as it seems. Come get some heavy doses of healthful laughter as a once-proud institution of higher learning is overwhelmed by madcap hilarity, where compromise is a four-letter word. Famous Union College is a place where what is what is not.

WARNING: Do not attempt to read and drive–or to eat while reading this book. Be sure to provide a safe environment for sudden outbursts of laughter.


But after a particularly unproductive day cluttered with nothing more than boredom, Bill Ferris finally had had it; he knew he had to get away, or else, so he ventured across campus to the college cafeteria for an early dinner.

“What’s the special today?” he asked the young coed who was on the ready to take his order.


“What’s that?” asked Ferris.


“What?” asked Ferris again.

“Buzzgetti,” said the young unsmiling coed, her face clearly demonstrating her growing impatience with the guy.

“Is that some type of local specialty. I’ve never heard of it,” said Bill Ferris.

“Buzzgetti,” the tortured young thing said, two octaves too loudly for the crowded cafeteria.

Bill Ferris, finally resigned to the fact that he was not about to get any further information from her, decided what the hell. “I’ll take a stab at it,” he said.

When his plate was finally handed over to him, Ferris sighed deeply, refraining purposely from uttering what he truly felt inside. What good would it do? What purpose would it serve? As he looked down at his plate of probably day-old spaghetti, most likely heated-over canned stuff, to boot, he was thinking that nothing around the place made any sense at all. The place had gone completely insane, crazy. Loco. It seemed more a lunatic asylum than a place of scholarly reflection and application.

But what a fitting end to his day, he also thought, as the tasteless special of the day churned around his intestines like worms squirming to their death on a sunburned sidewalk.

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Free…Great Mystery.

Free...Great Mystery.

Alex Hollick: Origins (The Alex Hollick FBI Series) [Kindle Edition]

Start An Original Standout Thriller Series That Twists, Turns and Tangles!

The Alex Hollick F.B.I. Series takes readers into an underworld of secretive government agendas and a troubled young agent caught between love, morality and survival. This exciting, gripping and original thriller series combines murder mystery, saga, love story, and conspiracy thriller into one satisfyingly complex and entertainingly atmospheric story.

Alex Hollick: Origins

In 1985, a young field agent enters a dark underworld of the FBI, where he must participate in the cover-up of a fellow agent’s corruption while protecting the woman of his dreams from the consequences.

What readers are saying about The Alex Hollick FBI Series!

“Refreshingly original.”

“A great story, will keep you glued to your kindle for hours.”

“Smooth but gritty, intellectual and sexy…great read.”

“The story was intense and gripping and the character development was amazing.”

“Brings something new and fresh to the table.”

SPECIAL NOTE: “Alex Hollick: Origins” is comprised of the first ten chapters of, “The Bloodbath Ritual” (Part 1 of The Alex Hollick F.B.I. Series). Although a complete story in itself, “Alex Hollick: Origins,” is a special digital only edition, which contains the first half of the full-length novel, “The Bloodbath Ritual.” For all twenty chapters, check out “The Bloodbath Ritual.”

The Complete Series Now Available!


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Imagine a fuse that takes centuries to burn…..The Destiny Stone…

Imagine a fuse that take centuries to burn.....The Destiny Stone...

The Destiny Stone [Kindle Edition]

The best place to hide a secret is in the past… but the past can be uncovered.

An ancient Scottish legend tells of Taine Rory Mhor, banished for 7 generations by the king to a far-away land.

A few days later, in April 1296, the English invaded Scotland, captured the sacred and mythical ‘Stone of Scone’ and transported it south, to Westminster Abbey where it has been used in every coronation since.

Or has it…?

In July 2005 as London celebrated winning the rights to host the 2012 Olympic Games, a series of deadly explosions ripped through the city.

On the same day in Scotland the G12 Summit of world leaders was interrupted as protesters stole the Stone Of Scone from a temporary display in the lobby of the Gleneagles Hotel.

So continued a chain of events set in motion over 700 years before.

Events, which if allowed to follow their course would lead to Armageddon – The End of Days –

The annihilation of 4 billion people.

One last holy war could destroy the world. Unless the riddle is solved of a mysterious green stone kept hidden in Buckingham Palace for the last 150 years.

Read the first instalment – ‘Milkshake’ – also available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions