Interesting Week

This past week was interesting to say the least. We had storms move through the area. Tornadoes, high winds, hail, but little damage thank God. It was the annual ushering in of spring across the mid-west and I’m sure it will continue for many more weeks.

Interesting also in the writing arena…no, no, no I did not sign a big contract or land a movie deal, at least not that I am aware of. It was interesting in respect to the responses I received about my Newsletter. The first edition usually leaves me breathless until the first email or two. Well it looks like it was a hit! People are now signing up like crazy on this Blog and on FB. You all like hearing about my new releases and I plan on giving you what you want in the next mailing on May 1st.

Around the old homestead I found this past winter, and current storms, knocked many tree limbs down all over my little wooded lot. I plan on spending time this week doing spring yard work, stacking those limbs, cleaning the deck, and maybe get a nap in…definitely a nap.

Books I recently downloaded:

Explanations and Advice for the Tech Illiterate, by Randall Morris

AMP 5 – Colossus, by Stephen Arseneault

Books currently reading:

Capital Offense, by George Wier


The Package III – Fly Paper Soup, scheduled for May15th.

A Christmas Presence, scheduled for this August.

Nucor II – Oblivion, scheduled for this fall.

Dr. Milo, scheduled for this fall.


Daewoo Trilogy, released any day now.

Well, that’s it for this week. Don’t forget to sign up for the Newsletter, and I’m also giving away an Audiobook every week. Like the Lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play.

Until next time…






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