So, You want to be a Truck Drive? As a trucker your life will change dramatically…Must Read

So, You want to be a Truck Drive? As a trucker your life will change dramatically...Must Read

Becoming A Truck Driver: The Raw Truth About Truck Driving: Thinking Of Becoming a Truck Driver? You MUST Read This Book First. [Kindle Edition]

Is becoming a truck driver the right choice for me?

There are thousands of people all over the country that are considering the idea of becoming a truck driver, and every one is looking for the answer to this question.There are so many things you will need to know in order to decide if trucking is the right career choice for you.

I’m not talking about shifting, steering, and braking. I’m talking about things they don’t teach in truck driving schools,and things the companies don’t always talk honestly about.

Questions like:
What is the trucking lifestyle like?
What will be expected of me?
How will I be treated? W
hat type of school should I attend?
How often will I get home?
What types of jobs are available?
How much money will I make?

After 15 years on the road, I have the answers to all of your questions – questions you’ll need the answers to in order to make the right choices.” – Brett Aquila – author of Becoming A Truck Driver: Your Guide

You can’t beat this book. It is full of Love and Warmth

You can't beat this book. It is full Love and Warmth

Maximum Security (A Dog Park Mystery) (Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries) [Kindle Edition]

It’s not like she’s going to do anything dangerous . . .

When Detective Peter Dourson arrests a nice stranger for the brutal murder of a dog park regular, he begs his girlfriend, artist Lia Anderson, to stay out of it. But her best patron takes the woman under her wing, and Renee insists her new friend needs help. Lia isn’t going to do much, just ask a few questions. Surely that won’t lead to trouble.

Besides, she’s got an escape-artist foster dog to deal with. Not to mention Peter’s desire for a commitment she’s not ready to make.

Lia’s dog park friends refuse to be left out in this romp of a mystery laced with humor, dogs, and love.

Featured Author Of The Week Carol Ann Newsome

Featured Author Of The Week

C. A. (Carol Ann) Newsome writes the Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries, a series of fun, romantic suspense/mystery novels which are inspired by and centered around her mornings at the Mount Airy Dog Park with her trio of rescues (rowdy hooligans).

A life-long lover of fiction, Carol turned to books and audiobooks during her decade-long recovery from a head injury that occurred when she and her bike were struck by a car. Years of immersing herself in popular fiction lead to imagining the book she wanted to read, and wondering if she could actually write it.

She is also an artist with an M.F.A. from the University of Cincinnati. You’ll see portraits of some of her favorite four-footed friends on the covers of her books. She enjoys creating community-based public artworks. As an artist, she is best known for her New Leaf Global Good-Will Guerrilla Art Project.

Her other interests include astrology, raw food and all forms of psychic phenomena. She likes to sing to her dogs. The dogs are the only ones who like to listen.

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