Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to Robin Tidwell



Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Robin graduated from Parkway Central at the end of her junior year and went on to college… five times. Nearly 30 years later, on a whim, she looked over her transcripts and re-enrolled, completing not quite sixty hours of credit in just over one calendar year. Her degree, from Columbia College, is a combined major of psychology, sociology, and criminal justice.Robin’s writing career began at the age of eight, when her grandmother insisted she read Gone With the Wind before taking her to see the movie. Inspired by Margaret Mitchell, she began scribbling little booklets of stories, and was the editor of her elementary school newspaper and a columnist in high school. She submitted a short story to Seventeen magazine and was promptly rejected, but still keeps a copy of the manuscript in her desk.

Robin has worked as a snack bar cook, a salad prepper, a camp counselor, a waitress, a receptionist, a housekeeper, a freelancer, an editor, and an  employment consultant and manager. She’s also been in car sales, skin care sales, cookware sales, advertising sales, and MLM. She’s owned and operated an entrepreneurial conglomerate, a cleaning service, an old-time photography studio, a bookstore, and a publishing house.Six years ago, Robin and her husband Dennis moved back to St. Louis, after many years in Columbia, Sedalia, Colorado Springs, Durango, and Granbury and Tolar, Texas. They live with their youngest son, a dog, a cat, and a new puppy.

About the Books

The idea for REDUCED was the result of a late-night snack of chips and salsa, and the subsequent vivid dream of a woman in a convenience store who was  cornered by a few rowdy 20-somethings. Since it was three in the morning, there was no way that the story was going to be written down then, but come sunrise, the dream was still clear and the novel began to take shape.The characters are loosely based on people who Robin knew well over the years, going back several decades, and some of whom she still sees on a regular basis. The setting, as seen below, is indeed a very real place, one with which Robin is very familiar.

The story continues in REUSED, and goes further in RECYCLED. There was no real intent to create a trilogy or, perhaps, a longer series, but sometimes a project does indeed take on a life of its own.

The books aren’t sugar-coated. People die, but not gruesomely. Some live to fight another day. Some are REUSED. Some are RECYCLED. But mostly, in the beginning, the population is REDUCED.

Contact Information

Robin can be reached via email, or by phone at 314-825-6860

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