Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to Candace Carrabus Rice

Candance Carrabus Rice

Candance Carrabus Rice

I  have written stories and ridden horses–frequently simultaneously–for as long as I can remember. I grew up on Long Island and spent my formative years in the saddle–just imagining. When not riding, you could find me hanging with the barn cat. After high school, I traveled to Ness, England and studied at a British Horse Society training school. This was an all-around amazing experience. When I left, I clutched a certification to teach riding in my hot little hand, and I enjoyed instructing riders for many years.

Who am I kidding? We know it is the horses who do the teaching. All we can do is try to remain open to what they have to say.

Now, I share a farm in Missouri with my family, and three dogs and five cats, but I have only one horse these days. Remi’s a Trakehner-thoroughbred-quarter horse cross, born on the farm and as easy a keeper and good minded as they get. We board him at a terrific place nearby.

After moving to St. Louis, I pursued my love of the language while continuing to teach riding and compete in local horse shows. I earned my BGS (Bachelor of General Studies–the custom-design-your-own-degree-program-for ‘non-traditional’-students) and Writing Certificate from the University of Missouri St. Louis and write short and long fiction, essays…sometimes, and dabble in poetry.

Not surprisingly, my stories are infused with the mystery and spirituality horses have brought to my life. Dogs and cats are usually around, too. A portion of my profits is donated to animal shelters.

” . . . she’s a very good writer, very level-headed, with all the right expectations and professional patience, who can write in both the  fantasy and the romance fields.” — Philip Martin, author/editor of The Writer’s Guide to Fantasy Literature.

My philosophy, in brief :: (No, not in briefs, but that’s a nice image, thank you very much.)

We are all immigrants in spirit, with our minds, hearts, and souls being the final frontier. This is what happens to all my main characters–whether by choice or accident or design–they go somewhere else.

They immigrate.

At first, this change is external–physical.  Over time, their journeys lead to a place of discovery and growth that is within each individual alone.  The final frontier to which we all can go.

Why don’t you hop on and come along for the ride?

Awards and such

Raver — Book One of the Horsecaller
First place, Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, Oklahoma Writers Federation, 2003
First place, Paranormal, Toronto Romance Writers, 2005

Winterlight (now known as On the Buckle)
Third place, Single Title Contemporary, Toronto Romance Writers, 2005

A Farmer at Last
Second place, Essay, Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, 2003

Third place, Poetry Unrhymed Short, Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, 2003


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