Growing up is never easy. Add to it, the traumatic 60’s and you have the year of Kristine. Great Read.

Growing up is never easy. Add to it, and traumatic 60's and you have the year of Kristine. Great Read.

A Year for Kristine (Volume 1: Living a Secret Life) [Kindle Edition]

Volume 1 of 3: Living a Secret Life – Kristine’s life seems perfect from the outside – she is beautiful, impeccably dressed, and smart. She can even hunt and shoot better than most men, thanks to the close attention of her father, a Police Chief. She is ready to escape her parents and start a new life. But despite outward appearances, a dark legacy has separated her from those around her. Only Daniel – persistent and loving – is able to break through her protective shell to get close to her, leading to the revelation of a disturbing family secret. When Kristine’s shame comes to light in a violent, highly publicized event, her perfect life shatters beyond recognition. She must put her college plans on hold, and find a way to cope. With Daniel at her side, she finds support from unexpected corners, and works to create a new family of friends. And yet, her past continues to follow her. She is confronted with traumatic flashbacks, new enemies who remind her of her father, and wave after wave of violence erupting against the backdrop of events in 1969.

Not only a sensitive portrayal of a girl transformed, A Year for Kristine is a fast-paced tale of guns, cars and steel, within the culture of a dying Rust Belt town. A Year for Kristine takes us back to the turbulence of the 1960s and gives us a young woman struggling into adulthood, who has to learn how to fight for everything that is important to her.

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