Heart Pounding Excitement!

Heart Pounding Excitement!

Oxygen: A Science Fiction Suspense Novel (Oxygen Series #1) [Kindle Edition]

Valkerie is tough, beautiful, and has an uncanny knack for survival. When NASA chooses her for the first mission to Mars, Valkerie is thrilled — until she learns she’s displacing America’s heartthrob, celebrity astronaut Josh Bennett.

Bob, the ship’s mechanic, is paid to be paranoid — and he’s good at it. After a teeth-rattling launch, Bob realizes that his paranoia hasn’t prepared him for this trip. He can deal with a banged-up spaceship, but how’s he going to survive the next five months with HER just a flimsy partition away?

Halfway to the Red Planet, an explosion leaves the four-member crew with only enough oxygen for one.

The pilot is left in a coma.

The mission commander is coming unglued.

All evidence points to sabotage — and Valkerie and Bob are the obvious suspects.

Growing up is never easy. Add to it, the traumatic 60’s and you have the year of Kristine. Great Read.

Growing up is never easy. Add to it, and traumatic 60's and you have the year of Kristine. Great Read.

A Year for Kristine (Volume 1: Living a Secret Life) [Kindle Edition]

Volume 1 of 3: Living a Secret Life – Kristine’s life seems perfect from the outside – she is beautiful, impeccably dressed, and smart. She can even hunt and shoot better than most men, thanks to the close attention of her father, a Police Chief. She is ready to escape her parents and start a new life. But despite outward appearances, a dark legacy has separated her from those around her. Only Daniel – persistent and loving – is able to break through her protective shell to get close to her, leading to the revelation of a disturbing family secret. When Kristine’s shame comes to light in a violent, highly publicized event, her perfect life shatters beyond recognition. She must put her college plans on hold, and find a way to cope. With Daniel at her side, she finds support from unexpected corners, and works to create a new family of friends. And yet, her past continues to follow her. She is confronted with traumatic flashbacks, new enemies who remind her of her father, and wave after wave of violence erupting against the backdrop of events in 1969.

Not only a sensitive portrayal of a girl transformed, A Year for Kristine is a fast-paced tale of guns, cars and steel, within the culture of a dying Rust Belt town. A Year for Kristine takes us back to the turbulence of the 1960s and gives us a young woman struggling into adulthood, who has to learn how to fight for everything that is important to her.

Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to S.L. Teller



In S.L. Teller’s eyes, “Imagination has no limitations, except for the ones we create within ourselves. With imagination comes the ability to innovate, and with innovation, comes the ability to change the world.”

S.L. Teller was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. In 2012, Teller has earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from FontbonneUniversity with minors in Chemistry and Communication Studies. During his senior year, he sat down and pondered his future. He asked himself, “Do I want to do science for the rest of my life?” The answer was negative and he decided to pursue his passion for the written word.

In May of 2013, Teller earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from FullSailUniversity where his emphasis was on entertainment.

Since then, he has written three screenplays and has a few novels in early development. One of his screenplays, The King’s Court is a semifinalist in the Reel Writers Screenplay competition. He is also developing a television series, a web series and a comic.

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Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to Janet Bettag

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Janet Bettag is a career administrative professional, freelance editor, and an award-winning writer. She served for more than seventeen years as Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police at a municipal law enforcement agency.

Her first book, Normal, is the true story of the author’s survival and recovery from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. It poignantly and humorously addresses dealing with altered self-image, finding ways around barriers, and appreciating the play of serendipity and synchronicity in our lives.

Janet’s previously published works include magazine articles and book reviews. She also participated in scripting the 2011 production of The Voices of Valhalla. Her short story, “Collette’s Conundrum,” won an award in the 2010 Missouri Writers’ Guild JoAnna Dale Sponsors’ Contest for best paranormal or mystery short fiction.

Born near Clarksville, Missouri, Janet grew up in the St. Louis area. She now lives in O’Fallon, Missouri with her husband, Mike, where she enjoys gardening, spending time with her family, and spoiling her grandchildren. She is currently writing a ghostly novel.

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Mythical Adventure where dragons fly and romance blossoms… A Must Read!

Mythical Adventure where dragons fly and romance blossoms... A Must Read!

The Eyes Of Myrl (The Kings Of Tavia Book One) [Kindle Edition]

Tender romance in the brutal world of epic fantasy..
From the quill of Faelyn Rose comes a story which blends the classic elements of epic fantasy adventure and historical romance. The first book in the Kings of Tavia Series reveals a land where Gods and Goddesses control the currents of human fate, changelings sell their magic for gold and only those with darkness in their blood can master dragons.

Jestaen D’Myrl is the sheltered niece of the wealthy King of the Myrl clan. But the tangled web of her mother’s deceit leaves her abandoned on the blood soaked battlefields of the Tordon Plains. Captured by a savage warlord, the young woman is bartered to those who would be King.

This journey through the mythical landscape of Faelyn Rose’s imagination is a nonstop adventure filled with action, romance and magic.

So stable your dragon and leave your weapons by the door. Come sit by the hearth with a tankard of Ironbolt’s best ale and let the bard weave you a tale of The Eyes Of Myrl

This book contains adult situations and violence. It is not intended for young princes, princesses or beardlings.

Did you hear that bump in the night and wondered what it was? Lets investigate…shhhhhh.

Did you hear that bump in the night and wondered what it was? Lets investigate...shhhhhh.

Cursed: An Explanation of the Unknown [Kindle Edition]

The “CURSED” book series is an investigation into the paranormal, the unexplained, local lore and upholds the preservation of history, culture and architectural landmarks.

How it differs from what is already out there:

Many of the popular Non-Fictional Ghost/Paranormal TV shows (for entertainment purposes) have been glamorized and have producers on board that feel they ”have to” present something paranormal to the audience and have a tenancy to add in false items to spice the story up and to mislead the viewers. The reality of the situation is 90% of the time when a “haunted” location is investigated nothing happens. When we visit a location we educate ourselves prior to the visit concerning the story behind the lore and take it into account and attempt to either confirm or disprove the different stories, and usually there are several different versions of the same legend. Whether the stories are true or false and regardless of the lore and possible tales of hauntings, we always document what we find thru photos, videos and draft up a report of what may have occurred for public record and for the “CURSED” version of the book. “CURSED” also is not limited to “ghost hunting” as many of the current TV shows are, we also believe in preserving our local legends and history. Many of the former Asylums ( and abandoned buildings) are considered an eyesore and a burden to the community, so investors and people with no appreciation for history come in and buy the land up to use for strip malls, super stores or condos, effectively destroying all the history and lore that might have been associated with the location.

Yes it is “fun” to go on urban explorations through old abandoned buildings and landmarks to see what can be found, but it is also important to not deface or damage the property like so many prior that vandalize the locations. Respect the location and the neighbors that may be adjacent to the location that you are exploring. Many locations that are visited have strict “No Trespassing” rules put in effect by the local police (or County Sheriff) due to many “troublemakers” flocking to the areas after hearing about it from popular magazines or TV shows, and sometimes that does ruin it for the investigators that are there simply to observe and document the place before it gets torn down by modern convenience.

Our primary scope of location is Southern New Jersey since that is where we are based out of, but we have been invited and will also document other locations. We are not limited by geographical constraints.

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