Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to Sinita Wells

Sinita Wells

Sinita Wells

About Author Sinita

Hey Good People. It’s always good to know that you have friends for a lifetime. No matter how long it has been since you’ve seen them or talked to them. I’m glad to have met and know all of you.Remember, “Today is a Gift, That is why it is called the Present”

Be Blessed & LIVE FREE


Favorite Quotations

“Remember Today Is A Gift, That Is Why It Is Called The Present”

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Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to Valerie Battle Kienzle

Valerie Battle Kienzle

Valerie Battle Kienzle

Look for beauty and blessings in each day. That’s my goal. The world is full of hatred, but it’s also full of beauty. It’s important to look for that beauty and to be thankful. No matter how bad a day is, there’s always something for which to be thankful. Sugarberry Home hopes to bring glimpses of beauty and creativity to your day.

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Take a journey with Hero’s into worlds you never imagined.

Take a journey with Hero's into worlds you never imagined.

Nine Heroes: Tales of Heroic Fantasy [Kindle Edition]
Walter Rhein (Author), Chris Morris (Author), Janet Morris (Author), A.L. Butcher (Author), Shane Porteous (Author), Teel James Glenn (Author), Douglas R. Brown (Author), R.A. McCandless (Author), Jesse Duckworth (Author), Tom Barczak (Author)

Nine tales of heroic fantasy by some of the most exciting authors working today. Stories include: Black Sword by Janet Morris and Chris Morris The Act of Sleepless Nights by Walter Rhein To Kill a Myth by Jesse Duckworth No Life Too Small by Douglas R. Brown To Live by Tom Barczak Dozen by Shane Porteous Just One Mistake by A.L. Butcher Witness to Death by Teel James Glenn Through the Sting of Fairy Smoke by R.A. McCandless

If there is one thing that frightens me…that is Gargoyle’s! Must Read!

If there is one thing that frightens me...that is Gargoyle's! Must Read!

Gargoyle Knight: A Dark Urban Fantasy [Kindle Edition]

When his kingdom is threatened by an ancient evil, a king is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. If he is to defeat an army of monsters, he must become one himself! His victory carries a terrible price… An eternity frozen in stone.

Fifteen centuries later, the Celtic warrior is awakened when the world needs him most. A stranger in a strange land with his only guide a beautiful archeology student, he must battle his old adversary once again, all while struggling with his own darkness. For he is by day a man, by night cursed to become… The GARGOYLE!



Go Forth and Conquer!

Go Forth and Conquer!

Beyond Sanctuary (Sacred Band of Stepsons: Beyond Trilogy, Author’s Cut Editions) [Kindle Edition]

Here is the new, revised and expanded Author’s Cut edition of BEYOND SANCTUARY, the first ever full-length novel to take you BEYOND the notorious Thieves World™ fantasy universe, where gods still stalk the land, warring with demons and human sorcerers and trampling unfortunate humanity underfoot.
If you like stories of bold brave knights employed in meritorious duty, or tales of ladies delicate and fair, be warned. Beyond Sanctuary, set at the foot of notorious Wizardwall, may be too much for your sensibilities. There wizards, bards, and maidens mingle with murderers and thieves, and the fight breaking out at the next table may be the one that ends your life.
The hero of BEYOND SANCTUARY is Tempus, leader of mercenaries and warrior-servant of Vashanka, god of storm and war. With Niko, Cime, and the Froth Daughter Jihan, Tempus faces the archmage Datan and his unholy followers – in a battle for the Rankan Empire’s survival and that of his very soul. BEYOND SANCTUARY is the first novel in Janet Morris’ BEYOND series, followed by BEYOND THE VEIL and BEYOND WIZARDWALL.

About the Author:
Janet Morris is a bestselling novelist who is also well-known as the creator of the Sacred Band of Stepsons series and member of the THIEVES’ WORLD™ writing team. Her Sacred Band of Stepsons books include her BEYOND TRILOGY (BEYOND SANCTUARY, BEYOND THE VEIL, BEYOND WIZARDWALL), TEMPUS, and, with Chris Morris, THE SACRED BAND, THE FISH THE FIGHTERS AND THE SONG-GIRL, CITY AT THE EDGE OF TIME, TEMPUS UNBOUND, and STORM SEED.