Free, Free, Free This weekend only…Get your free copy of The Package…Short Story.

Free, Free, Free This weekend only...Get your free copy of The Package...Short Story.

The Package: Book One (The Pakage) [Kindle Edition]

David Winters likes Cloak and Dagger Novels, but never thought he would be in an actual mystery. That was until his law partner, Tinsley, asked him to do a simple little favor and he finds himself swept away in intrigue, death, and women.

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Elves held as Slaves…must be pretty powerful magic to do that! got to Read it!

Elves held as Slaves...must be pretty powerful magic to do that! got to Read it!

The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles- Book 1 [Kindle Edition]

A beautiful young elven sorceress flees for her life in a dark world where magic is forbidden and elves live as slaves. Watching her are the Order of Witch-Hunters; the corrupt organisation that rule by fear and ignorance and a mysterious wealthy nobleman, lord of an idyllic valley who is not all he seems. As the slavers roll across the lands stealing elves from what remains of their ancestral home the Witch-Hunters turn a blind eye to the tragedy and a story of power, love and a terrible revenge unfolds.
A dark adult fantasy/fantasy romance. (2nd Edition)
*18+* age limit – this contains adult themes, including scenes of a sexual nature, violence, slavery and some profanity.

If you ever wondered about Vietnam, especially the Tet-Offensive and the effects it had on our Vets, this is a book you need to read. It was written by a soldier who was there.

If you ever wondered about Vietnam, especially the Tet-Offensive and the effects it had on our Vets, this is a book you need to read. It was written by a soldier who was there.

Good for One Ride; updated edition [Kindle Edition]

“I’m forty-five years from The Tet Offensive in Vietnam, but I remember it as if the bodies in the streets of Hue were still warm. I’ve read hundreds of books about that war and written several more, but the one thing that most often eludes these stories, my own included, is the terrifying sense of anticipation that every soldier carries through every day and then brings home to live with for the rest of his life, should he be so lucky. To feel that every second in a war zone holds the origin of your oblivion and to realize once you leave that you are living on time borrowed from corpses is emotionally exhausting and almost impossible to put into words. And yet, Gary McGinnis has managed to do just that with grace and lyricism and great honesty. His book Good for One Ride is a small book in terms of pages, but it is a huge story. If you read it, you will understand the scourge of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that curses combat veterans forever. This is an important work and only enhances the Vietnam War literature that has come before.”

– Jim McGarrah, author of A Temporary Sort of Peace, winner of the Eric Hoffer Award

This vivid short novel utterly transports the reader to the field of war: its infinite manifestations of fear and dreamlike connection and nightmarish loss. In each section the protagonist enters a more terrifying zone of psychological transformation. On every page, the skillful storytelling conveys the immediate effects and the permanent consequences of situations the narrator describes this way: “I strained to see enemy movements everywhere, to feel beyond my senses, to know without reason, to hear without hearing, to become united with the stench and to endure.” Gary McGinnis has written a wise, haunting story that is a remarkable gift to our nation at this moment when our citizens wish to honor and to truly make the effort to understand the soldiers returning to us and those who cannot return.

– Kevin McIlvoy, teacher and author of Little Peg

You’ve been recruited by Star Agency…Don’t just sit there, GET MOVING!

You've been recruited by Star Agency...Don't just sit there, GET MOVING!

The Star Agency (The Star Agency Chronicles) [Kindle Edition]

“So many of us dream of another life – a life of excitement and danger.

What if, in the darkest depths of despair, you suddenly had a chance to live that life?

Would you have the courage to chase that dream, even if you had to leave your friends, family and everything you knew behind?

Would you take that chance?

Theopolis James Logan is about to get that chance.

The Universe is about to come knocking on his door.”

The Star Agency is book 1 of The Star Agency Chronicles, an Interstellar secret agent adventure aimed at readers aged 10 and above.

Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to Peggy Archer



I grew up in Gary, Indiana with one sister and two brothers. I liked to ride my bike, and play games with my older brother and the other kids who lived on our street. I also liked going to the beach on Lake Michigan in the summer, and ice skating in the winter. I liked reading all year long.

After high school, I went to nursing school and became a registered nurse. My first nursing job was as a Pediatrics nurse, taking care of children. A year later I met my husband and got married.

I enjoyed writing as a child, but it was not until I had children of my own that I began to write with the thought of being published. It was especially fitting that my first book was a Little Golden Book, since my favorite books as a child were the Little Golden Books that my mother read to me.

Besides writing, I am a registered nurse and have worked with children in schools and hospitals.

My husband and I live in O’Fallon, Missouri. We have six grown children and 11 grandchildren.

I enjoy reading mysteries, doing word puzzles, walking, country dancing, and spending time with my family.

Author Trivia

The Dog Made Me Do It! (How I became a poet)

In 1999 we had 2 weddings in 2 months. Four months earlier, we had gotten a puppy. She wasn’t just any puppy! She was adorable, cute, and funny. Besides that she peed on the floor and chewed on our new kitchen cabinets. She pulled the tablecloth off the kitchen table and ate my chocolate cupcakes. She sat in my garden, and ate my flowers. So much to write about! And, with two weddings coming up, so little time to write it.
I had to find a way to remember it all. The answer, I thought, was poetry. Poetry was short. It didn’t matter how good it was, since it was only to help me remember. It would help save all of those memories and the stories that went with them for later when I would sit down and write about them.
So, I wrote poetry. Bad poetry. I thought it wouldn’t matter. I thought I could handle it. I couldn’t stand it! So I read poetry, read about poetry and wrote poetry. I wrote more poetry, then re-wrote it all. And in the process, I learned how to make my poetry better.

Author Trivia

I like to do crossword puzzles, but I really love solving cryptoquotes. A cryptoquote is a quotation, usually by a famous person, in code. In a cryptoquote the letters of the original message are replaced by other letters.

Here’s a cryptoquote for anyone with dreams for the future (hint: all the p’s = t’s):

Pec hapanc lcrgykb pg pegbc deg lcrmcsc my pec lciapo gh pecmn uncifb—Crciygn Nggbcscrp.
(the answer is below).

Author Trivia

When I sold my first book, we used the money I received to buy a used camper. We camped with our six children for many years and made many memories. Once an albino skunk decided to spend the night underneath our camper! Another time a raccoon opened up our cooler and helped himself to the raw eggs and fruit that he found.

Author Trivia

My favorite foods to eat at Thanksgiving are pumpkin pie and—-turkey!

Answer to cryptoquote:

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams—Eleanor Roosevelt.


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