From one war into another. A must read full of action and adventure.

From one war into another. A must read full of action and adventure.

Homecoming Blues (Dalton’s Blues) [Kindle Edition]

Product Description
Coming home from war can be hell.

All Jimmy Dalton wanted after fighting for his country was to escape his demons and live a quiet life. But a notorious gangster has other ideas and Dalton finds himself in a war of a different kind. The daughter of Phil Duggan has been kidnapped by the Russian Mafia and Dalton is coerced into rescuing her. What he finds out sees Dalton set on a path of revenge that may turn the streets of London red with blood, a path that may not only destroy those he cares about; but also his sanity and his very soul.
This is the first Dalton’s Blues thriller.

What Reviewers are saying

‘A really gritty book with action from beginning to end.’

‘A fabulous debut and I think it would make a great movie. I cannot wait for the sequel’

‘Dalton is a bit like what Lee Child’s Jack Reacher might be like if he was from a working class British background’

‘A gritty thriller from Andrew Scorah. This is the author’s debut novel and he shows a lot of promise.’

‘Looking for an action thriller akin to a runaway train full of flying bullets, bulging biceps and mayhem piled upon mayhem? You’ll find it in this debut novella by British author Andrew Scorah, a name that could well become synonymous with the best the thrill genre has to offer.’
About the Author
I am a Indie writer from Swansea. I live with my fiancee Lisa and our two children, Tammie and Steffan plus a pychotic cat and two mad terrier dogs.-In this age of the digital revolution writers have never had it so good. Because of the ongoing changes in the publishing world, it has enabled myself and many others to be published far sooner than going down the traditional route. I have just had a short story published in a action anthology alongside Stephen Leather and many other great writers. Years ago this could not have been possible, now it is. Maybe the changes are a goodthing, maybe not. But one thing is for sure I achieved my dream far sooner than I ever thought.

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