Who do you call on when you need something done right? Major Randal, that’s who!

Who do you call on when you need something done right? Major Randal, that's who!

Blood Wings (Raiding Forces) [Kindle Edition]

In this sequel to Dead Eagles, U.S. Major John Randal, commander of Strategic Raiding Forces, returns in Blood Wings, the first book in a trilogy within the Raiding Forces Series about the Abyssinian Campaign. Major Randal parachutes into the middle of Italian East Africa with orders to raise a guerrilla army. Everything that can go wrong does. Blood Wings is a story of unconventional warfare and the ability to improvise, adapt and press on against overwhelming odds. As in the first two Raiding Forces military adventures, Major Randal takes on a long-range independent mission against incredible odds. He proves once again that he is the best unconventional commander that Special Operations Executive can call on in a time of desperate need.

I love short stories. They take little time to read and fill me with wonder all day.

I love short stories. They take little time to read and fill me with wonder all day.

There Goes the Neighborhood; Earthly Fantasy/Science Fiction Short Stories

The twenty original Twilight Zone-like short stories of this diverse fantasy and science fiction collection take place mostly on contemporary Earth, or on some slightly futuristic or altered Earth, where a technology, ghost, dragon, demon, curse, or space-alien intrudes. Vampires and zombies are avoided. Sometimes calamity is averted, sometimes it is not. The perspective is an adult one; a PG rating may be appropriate for some stories, as sex or violence is sometimes alluded to though not graphically depicted.
A list of contents with links to each story is provided to aid reader navigation through the collection, and a link back to the contents list is provided after each story. (Note: some e-book formats do not support this feature.) The last story is a continuation of the first story, otherwise the stories are not related to each other and do not appear in any particular order, though some of them are related to subsequent e-book novels. In the list of contents a brief phrase describing each short story has been included to aid story selection.
The brief introduction which precedes the stories provides the author’s perspective on short story advantages compared to novels. Finally, following the short stories a brief description of the author and pending near-term e-book novels is included.

Stiff lips and Stuttering by Steven Thomas


stiff lips and stuttering

fine care and thank you please
done well yet incomplete
give take and rescue me

stiff lips and stuttering

posted on the bedroom wall
silently dreaming
down the dorm room hall
not fine until the evening
wakes you
in your mind
you tighten down the screws
in your head
but that doesn’t stop the misery
instead you
go on whispering to yourself

good hair and a thankful tease
ignites into flat nothing
ending up un-appeasingly
hard lips of black and red
tacked up on the wall
in the academy of see and saws
still she’s on your mind
you still care, and fine
and thank you please
well done yet incomplete
give take and rescue me
you learn about your past and
unsaid apologies
the fine, cares and thank you please
that was you and me

and in the settling of a dream
of what once was and
now it seems
what will be forever
in the corner of my life
you will come into the night
like a hundred movies I have seen
and I will always react
just the same
with the same
stiff lips and stuttering