Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to Michael Henry


About Michael:

I was born in the Midwest, live intheMidwestandperform all over the World. As a result, I am not typical of the Midwest .Ihavebeena student of performance magic for more than 30 years. Life is good!Also, I have worked as a high school teacher, college professor, musician, mechanical engineer, computer consultant and I am the author of several books. Currently, Iamafull time magician performing all over the world (not just the Midwest) including Las Vegas, Belfast Northern Ireland, London and Chicago.Icurrently share a house (in the Midwest ) with a cat, 10, 000 books and several artificial flamingos.“Mysteries do happen. Mysteries are real…”It has been a long road and life is good. I have done many things and I intend to do much more. I sometimes travel with my job, and it would be nice to share this time.It has been a long, strange trip – and it is not over.

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