I’m not trying to be critical here, but maybe I should be.

We all write for various reasons; some for pleasure, some for profit, and still others for both. Some write to relieve anxiety or they keep a daily journal and nothing more. Others write because of school or work and do not enjoy it at all.

I’m one of those who write because I love to write and lately found it profitable. In my quest to turn a nickel, I’ve learned from the very best in the business that exposure is one of the keys to making money with your writing. That is why this morning I felt I needed to write this.

I hear way too often from fellow authors that they are not making any money and feel like giving up. I want to help, even though I’m learning the ropes myself. So, I ask for links to their web sight, author’s page, Blog…they don’t have them.

I was in this same position five months ago. I had written several books but my sales were nothing and my hopes were dwelling. Then a friend introduced me to some pros. The first thing I was told was to expose myself…

“Sure,” I said, “but isn’t that illegal.”

It wasn’t that kind of exposure, of course. They looked at my Bio, authors page, and my books. They had many suggestions and I drank them up like a man dying of thirst in the desert. I will not go into detail with all the suggestions, but the main one was exposure.

Writing a good Bio, posting a professional picture, creating a Blog, and get on Social media … i.e. Facebook, twitter, linkin, etc. … let people know you’re out there. No one will buy something they cannot see.

The Biblical reference might be, why hide the light of a candle. Place it where all can see.

Now I’m not saying be a nuisance. What I am saying is simply letting people know you are a writer.

On Facebook create an author’s page and let your friends know on this page you will post about your writing; where to find your books, up and coming events, progress on your latest projects.

Create a Twitter account, Google, Linkin, Goodreads, and so on.

Create a Blog and link it to your Twitter, and Facebook author’s page. Also CSS it to your authors pages on Amazon , Barnes and Noble, etc. Link it everywhere. By doing so, you only make one post and it is then posted on the various sights.

Invite friends and family to join you on those pages…everyone is invited. Post interesting articles, controversial, something that will induce discussion or promote others.

What is your genre?

What is your Hobby?

What have you read lately?

What good movie have you watched based on a book you read?

Post everyday. The rule of thumb is at least three times a week. I post a lot because I help promote authors books. Something I refer to as, Plugging. I also have a featured weekly author. I introduce authors and help them gain exposure. And that’s what this is all about. Exposure.

Getting your name out there so those wanting to buy your books, can find them easily.

A candle isn’t meant to be hidden. Set it where its light spreads out for all to see.

Exposure, do it.

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