Die? Not an option. Action Packed Terror Generating A Mind Blowing Experience.

Die? Not an option. Action Packed Terror Generating A Mind Blowing Experience.

In the Cold and the Dark [Kindle Edition]

It is the Earth year 2882; Professor Kay Vogel has arrived at the north pole of Mars on a very important assignment. Her mission, geotechnical drilling deep into Mars, a project that is key to the success of the ongoing Mars Terra-forming operation, called Trinity. However, something is very wrong at the remote polar drilling base, CIRAM-One. Unexplained things are happening and people are starting to die.

Now, Kay Vogel finds herself trapped in the middle of a Martian polar winter, battling bone shattering cold and unimaginable darkness. Her only hope of escape lies in solving a baffling mystery, and preventing something or someone from destroying Humanity’s only chance at survival on the Red Planet.

Who will live and who will die!
In the cold and the dark!

Featured Author Of The Week – Chris Ward

Featured Author Of The Week

Chris Ward is a native of Cornwall, England, but currently lives and works in Nagano, Japan. He is the author of The Tube Riders Trilogy, The Man Who Built the World and Head of Words, as well as numerous short stories and collections.

He spends his time snowboarding, writing, playing guitar in his rock band, Steampunk Unicorn (www.reverbnation/steampunkunicorn), and generally having too much to say about just about everything.

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