The Light, by Joshua Sylcox


The sun sets.

The stars come out.

The moon is full and its light shines brightly on the waters surface.

Its’ light peers through the surface of the water down to the depth’s of were the light doesn’t go, but below.

Even the light may not shine there.

It still is a faint light but wants to break through the waters surface to be with the light of the moon, the sun.

To be among the stars and all of Gods great creations.

Even though the light may be small it still shines just as bright as the brightest star that shines in the skies above.

It doesn’t fade just like the light of the sun and never dies.

This light is hope.

It is faith.

It is belief.

Its perseverance that we all share but many give up on and let die and fade away.

Dreams are about hope, about faith, about belief, and perseverance.

Its empathy.

It’s laughing in the face of danger.

It’s not letting others intimidate you.

It’s you not giving up on someone or anything.

It’s who you are in your heart and your soul.

So never let that light fade or die because if you don’t fight for what you believe in and that person or your dreams, that light will die and you surly will die.

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