Free Today and Tomorrow

Free Today and Tomorrow

One False Move [Kindle Edition]

Ex US assassin, ex Hong Kong Police, ex esoteric monk, Irish-American Mike Delaney, is forced to offer his life in place of his kidnapped wheelchair bound friend Bob Messenger and his daughter. Delaney has just two hours to locate and rescue them from the hands of a crazed escapee, a figure from his past, hell bent on turning the wheelchair into an electric chair and wreaking revenge on Mike Delaney. A short story exclusive.

Politics, Sex, Romance, and soooo much more in a Galaxy Far,Far, Away.

Politics, Sex, Romance, and soooo much more in a Galaxy Far,Far, Away.

Canvas Skies (Reliance on Citizens Makes Us Great!) [Kindle Edition]

Greed. Power. Class division. Resistance.

The Terenian government has worked hard to divide the haves from the have-nots. Guy Bensen, Elite bachelor of the year, wants a better life for everyone. Thief/hired killer, Keira Maddock, hungers for equality. Together, they might be able to change society.

Meanwhile, due to tragic events caused by the Divide, Keira’s younger sister, April, has left her baby in the realm across the sea. Now she returns to Terene. With the arrival of two very different men, her life becomes complicated. In order to be safe, April must hide her
identity. In order to live, she must open her heart.

In book two of the Reliance on Citizens trilogy, S.L. Wallace delves deeper into political intrigue as we examine the bonds that make us human, blending the genres of action, sci-fi, romance and political suspense.

Mirror, mirror who do I see…

Other Side of the Glass [Kindle Edition]

Natalie Ray, who is a prominent singer on Earth, has been pulled in to an alternate reality. She finds that there is magic everywhere in this new world and that she is the daughter of a powerful leader. She must fight to keep her place in her new world.

This book will help you gain perspective…

This book will help you gain perspective...

Searching for Sanity: 52 Insights from Parents of the Bible Paperback

Have you ever looked at your beloved children and wondered: What in the world am I doing? Why did God trust me of all people to raise them? Motherhood is the most difficult job many of us will ever take. Moms today are busy, overwhelmed and stressed. Many feel unqualified.

Searching for Sanity offers moms an opportunity to take a breath, dig into the Word, and learn from parents of the past. In short devotions designed for busy moms, this book explores the parents of the Bible both the good and the bad. Some of the parents within the pages of God’s Word set great examples for us to follow; others made huge mistakes. In Searching for Sanity, you’ll learn from both.The wisdom of God’s Word, paired with the experiences of another mother-in-training, will help moms find sanity in the midst of chaos.

Slithering around in my brain…

Slithering around in my brain...

Viper Pit [Kindle Edition]

Andy Digiovanni has the perfect life. He owns the Viper Pit, a string of high end kink clubs, and his only ties in life are by blood, to the mob. His blood ties allowed him to rise to power at a young age, in a family as unforgiving as the streets he calls home. Then one day a slick little silver Audi comes to a halt in front his garage, all but screaming to be saved from the wrath of the firey redhead, with the long legs and tight ass, behind the wheel. If her legs and curls weren’t enough to catch his attention her smart mouth, and green piercing eyes definitely were.

April Creed was on vacation, or so they told her. Hunting down her sister lands her at the mercy of a man April finds rude, crude, and downright… delicious. He matches her wit with kisses that bring her to her knees in a way no other man has. Her secrets are the only thing keeping her from fully submitting him. Andy is the Master she needs. Only he can give her the level of pain she requires to calm her inner storm and find the peace she’s been craving all her life. Then she gets the call. Vacation’s over. Your mark, Big Andy D..

Taking April off of vacation put her back on the grid. A grid the mob knows well. Andy never thought he’d fall for a cop, let alone one that was supposed to take him out. Can Andy trust his new Kitten? Or will she claw his eyes out, taking his heart with her?

This book took me to church…

This book took me to church...

Devorah: The Covenant and the Scrolls Book One [Kindle Edition]

The Bible tells us that 175 years after Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, there arose a woman, Devorah, a daughter of Ephraim, to be a Judge over her people, a prophetess and a righteous example unto them. The Bible also tells us of Devorah’s husband, Lappodoth; Barak, the great Hebrew general; Sisera the Canaanite general; Yael the Kenite, slayer of Sisera; and of Sisera’s mother, Betheena. The Bible touches only the high points of their lives. This is a more complete story.

At story’s heart, are two different views of God–God as an accessible, benign, loving and present force, and God as a distant, arbitrary, capricious and punishing monster. Devorah called the punishing fearsome God (the God of the temple and formal worship) the God of the Scrolls; and she called the benign and accessible God, the God of the Covenant.

Devorah’s story is the first in a series of novels based on this unique alternative view of God and its influence on the lives Old Testament characters. Titled, The Covenant and The Scrolls, Book One shows Devorah as a prophet, mother and the only female Judge ever to rule ancient Israel walking a tightrope between her personal view of God as an accessible, benign, loving and present force, and the prevailing traditional view of God as a distant, arbitrary, capricious and punishing power that, as the official representative of the state, she is expected to uphold.

The Covenant and The Scrolls series describes biblical events and characters beginning with Devorah, through Kings Saul, David and Solomon, from the perspective of this unique alternative view of God and the two almost completely opposite experiences that arise from it. For example, when King Saul is centered in the Covenant, he has no headaches; but with the Scrolls, he is tortured by ‘evil spirits’.

Steve Liebowitz’ interest in alternative views of the Bible and what else might have gone on behind the scenes, began when he read Kazantzakis’ Last Temptation of Christ under fire during the first TET Offensive in Viet Nam in 1968. What he learned and wants to share in these books–that God is both more than and less than we’ve always thought Her to be, not only sustained him in the defense of his doctoral dissertation (on alternative ways of knowing) in l990, but continues to support his Business Coaching practice today. He’s lived this stuff, as well as researched it.

As you read, please consider that Devorah, Saul and the others in The Covenant and The Scrolls are probably not the only people to experience the two almost completely opposite experiences of God. Perhaps you have, too.