The Simple Things


I’ve learned over the years that the simple things last. Today we had a family gathering, with lots of familiar faces. We laughed, joked, smiled, had some deep conversations, and shared stories. We ate banana pudding with vanilla  wafers, rhubarb pie, bake beans, taco salad, BBQ pork steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs. When it was all over and the last dish was washed, we put our feet up –filled with warmth. My granddaughter Naomi and her Mommy and Daddy were the guest of honors. It would be great if I could have every weekend like this one, but my waistline would be twice what it is now.

What’s the question?


Listen, I know writing is an art that requires the discipline of a researcher; the foresight of an astrologer; the creativity of a magician, and a touch of genius, but what does that have to do with an author’s ability to move worlds and shake a soul to its very foundation?

Answer :

Everything and more.

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By Cleve Sylcox

There was a time,
When the wind blew clean,
No victimless crime,
And words weren’t mean.

There was always time,
To stop and smell the flowers,
Loan a stranger a dime,
And while away the hours.

There seemed to be time,
For just about everything,
Listen to church bells chime,
And to play on the swings.

There was plenty of time,
To walk the countryside,
Wash away the grime,
And to hold my lovely bride.

There is a time,
For all of that,
Sucking limes,
And swinging bats.

Get off your duff,
And put on your hat,
Go out and do stuff,
Life is better like that.